Friday, March 16, 2012

Kathy Street

When we think of categories like Male or Female Vocalist of the Year, we usually think of an individual artist. Not this time. Kathy is part of the Byrd and Street Duo, sharing the stage with her long-time musical partner, Tommy Byrd. They are nominated for Duo of the Year again this year. Their first shot was back in 2009. This year, Kathy is also nominated as a soloist for her contribution to their current album, ‘Close Your Eyes’.

Kathy has been creating music since the age of nine. Though it would be a few more years before she would actually do something with her talent, Kathy has since been singing and participating in stage productions… all while raising a family. That’s quite a list of responsibilities. She also takes care of the business side of Byrd and Street. But through all of this, Kathy has subliminally showcased something very important. Don’t give up your dream.

Her vocal style lends itself nicely to the folksy/ Americana style she cut her vocal chords on. If you close your eyes and listen to ‘Close Your Eyes’, you can picture Kathy on a nightclub stage in the 1940s. The soft, sensual undertones will draw you in, making it crystal clear why, though part of a duet, Kathy Street deserves to be nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year.

Country Blessings!

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