Monday, March 26, 2012

The Winners!

Well, in my book nominated or not, you're a winner for all you do to support and showcase Texas music.

That said, the 10th Annual Texas Music Awards took place last Saturday in Linden TX... the official home of the Texas Music Triangle. Aside from an awesome line-up of nominations, there was plenty of great music to be heard. The links below will take you to the artists' webpage. In some cases, you'll also have a link to their My Texas Music page where you can listen to snippets of their music and order their albums. You can also go to My Texas Music, look up the artist by the alphabetical list and it will take you to their MTM page.

Here are the award recipients this year:

Male Vocalist: Dave Fenley

Female Vocalist: Pauline Reese

Duo of the Year: ShAnnie

Rising Star Award: Brad Boyer

Band Musician: Coby Tate (guitar) for his performance on 'There is No Fun in Funeral'

Studio Musician: Brad Davis - multiple instruments

Song of the Year: Monahans (Justin Haigh- People Like Me)

Singer/ Songwriter: Michael Hearne

Record of the Year: All My Best Friends (are behind bars) Justin Haigh

Entertainer of the Year: Pauline Reese

Disc Jockey: Roark Smith (KPFT-90.1 Houston)

Broadcast Radio Station: KHYI 95.3 The Range - Dallas TX

Popular Cover: "Minnie the Moocher" (off High Price of Low Livin) Randy Brown

Award of Distinction: Learning as I Go- Michael O'Neal

Historical Significance: Jim Stricklan

Palmwood: Dillon Steen

Gone to Texas Award: Slim Bawb

Congratulations to all the nominees! A BIG Texas Thank You to everyone who played a part in making sure the 10th Annual Texas Music Awards was everything it should be and more.

I'll be off the next couple of weeks spending time with my granddaughter but will be back here on April 16th to kick off spotlights on some of the artists we didn't get to meet prior to the TMAs.

Country Blessings!

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    SONG OF THE YEAR~"Monahans"~written by KEVIN HIGGINS