Monday, October 21, 2013

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Meet & Greet w/ Kenny Harrell

Time I got things back in shape around this place.

Although I've not done an interview with Kenny Harrell, I wanted to introduce him to you guys. I usually start at least two mornings a week listening to his tracks at reverbnation.

Kenny is from the Waco TX area and has that honkytonk sound that makes a girl (or this woman) swoon. His favorite place to be is on a stage performing. Any stage will do, as long as there's an audience.

An awesome group of talented musicians back Kenny up. Luke Bishop on Bass Guitar, Steve Dansby on Drums and Tim Lightfoot on Lead Guitar

An artist likes to think they have an original voice but Kenny isn't ashamed to say he sounds like Waylon Jennings. You can hear that definitive sound on my favorite, Meant to Be. My other 'must listen to' is Nothin But Time.

To hear these and other tracks, check out his reverbnation page. Follow him on Twitter and FB to find out where you can see him perform live.


October 25 - Wild Bill's Sports Bar - Crocket TX - 9 p.m.
October 26 - Crosswire - Paris TX - 10 p.m.

Watch The Party List and Kenny's revernation page for upcoming shows!

Country Blessings

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