Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TURNTABLE TUESDAY- Meant to Be by Kenny Harrell

I went through the 70s country music stage and fell in love with that hard ass sound of Kris Kristofferson and the late Waylon Jennings. That 'this is my music - take it or leave it' attitude. The attitude wasn't about kickin' ass, but about standing up for who they were as an artist, as a person. I hear that in Kenny Harrell. Especially in this week's Turntable pick - Meant to Be. The song showcases Kenny's writing talents as well as his amazing vocals. You can hear the tune on his reverbnation page - Kenny Harrell and on his Reckless page.

When I'm not sharing my passion for good country music, I write romance novels. The core to any good romance is that Love Conquers All. You can be as different as night and day yet if you are drawn to someone, it's meant to be - it just is. If opposites attract, who are we to fight the attraction? Sometimes differences can make for a very rocky relationship, but it's how we handle those opposing elements that determine whether the relationship falls apart or becomes stronger.

And this isn't just true of romantic involvements. Every day, each of us encounters an opposing force. Whether something wants to suck our time, tell us we can't do something or be overbearing in their belief that what we are doing is wrong. If it's meant to be - you will overcome the obstacle.

Musicians and artists fight every day for their livelihood. They need gigs, they need exposure, they need transportation to get to gigs, they need to fund their next CD. I've seen all of these circumstances and more. But one thing I know... Kenny Harrell's song is an anthem that should be shouted... taken to heart... by everyone who hears it.

Waylon Jennings didn't let people stop him from doing what he loved, and you shouldn't either. Because in the words of Kenny Harrell - it is Meant to Be!

Country Blessings!

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