Tuesday, September 16, 2014


That’s What Makes the Bluegrass Blue (featuring 5-time Grammy winner Rhonda Vincent) is the perfect tune to kick off the ten tracks from ALL THE WAY – the fifth album by Nu-Blu. And while you may or may not have heard much from this group previously, I promise you this CD will change what you thought bluegrass was suppose to be.

Taking a cue from the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent, Nu-Blu educates us in how country and bluegrass are two interwoven threads creating a seamless piece of musical fabric. A Little Good News is as relevant today as when Anne Murray first recorded the song in 1983. Relevance aside, the amazing voice of Carolyn Routh makes the track timeless and a perfect addition to this CD.

The remaining tracks from Rhythm of the Train through Heavy Cross To Bear weave an invisible ‘stitch in the ditch’ to create a well-designed quilt of comfort and coming home. But the first single from ALL THE WAY is what pulls everything together. Jesus and Jones is that one piece of fabric that with the first line you know the quilt (album) would be lacking without. The effervescent decorative applique comes from the addition of Sam Moore (Soul Man legend) sharing the lead vocals. While the last person you might associate with bluegrass, Moore’s classic tone blends well with the undercurrent of the roots that make ALL THE WAY sure to become a keeper.

I'm tipping my hat....

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