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In an interview with Hannahlee Allers (The Boot.com), Lee Roy stated he wanted THE VIEW to tell The Roys’ story. With eleven top tracks written by the sister/ brother duo of Elaine and Lee Roy, they have accomplished what they set out to do. With the help of talented songwriters Steve Dean, Josh Thompson, Bill Anderson, Keesy Timmer, Jenee Fleenor, Clint White, Larry Alderman and Daniel Patrick THE VIEW came together in an album that can best be described as comforting and uplifting.

The Roys hit the perfect blend of Bluegrass and Country they were after with THOSE BOOTS. Whether they be worn by a farmer striving to feed his family or the soldier fighting for our freedom, there’s a real story here of something we don’t think much about. The opening track, NO MORE LONELY, tells the story of finding your true love and that regardless of the heartaches of the past, there is that one special person to brighten our days.

A comforting spirituality flows through every note of HEAVEN NEEDED HER MORE and MENDED WINGS. Both songs offer comfort and hope in a time when we are left with more questions than answers.

In keeping with the goal to tell their story, The Roys offer an insight to the world of Alzheimer in SOMETIMES. A devastating disease for both the patient and the family that took their grandmother. Co-writer Steve Dean offered his own heart to this piece as he watches his mom on the Alzheimer’s journey. The Roys continue the tribute to their grandmother in THE VIEW. Bill Anderson, a long-time supporter of The Roys, lent his talents to the beautifully written piece. Close your eyes as you listen and you will see THE VIEW.

LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE and NO MORE TEARS LEFT TO CRY are the epitome of what traditional bluegrass should sound like. Very few instrumentals hold my attention. NORTHERN SKIES held me with every note. Like bluegrass runs through our history, so does the coal vein. BLACK GOLD encapsulates the life of a coal miner.

No album, whether the genre is traditional country, bluegrass or Americana would be complete without paying homage to the great Bill Monroe. MANDOLIN MAN is a fitting tribute to the man

Overall THE VIEW is a well-constructed compilation of well-written lyrics, talented picking and classic vocals. Each track solidifies the reason why THE ROYS were named Top Bluegrass Artists at the 10th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (Feb. 2014), as well as at the Inspirational Country Music Awards for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

As I've listened to this cd repeatedly over the past couple of days, I have to give THE VIEW

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