Wednesday, June 3, 2015

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - On The Road by Joe Bonsall

ON THE ROAD takes us on the bus with Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, Richard Sterban and William Lee Golden. I listed Joe first not only because he is the author but the order in the picture on the cover. As you read, you will notice Joe never puts himself first. He is always thinking about the other boys - and others in general. From the first page to the end of the book, fans get an up-close and personal look of life on the road with the most solid group in country music history. From Joe's early days as a young boy growing up in a rough part of Philadelphia to the group's upcoming induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame (long over due in my opinion), readers become an 'Oak' for a time. Joe shares how they have morphed from a Gospel group in the early days to the harmonious brothers we know today - a group that has been more than forty years in the making!

Joe Bonsall's gift for weaving a picture makes you feel as if you are sitting in the lounge of the bus. You can see William Lee editing photos on his computer, looking for the perfect angles of the subject that will become his next painting. You hear the roar of a crowd. Not from their fans but from the people filling a stadium as Richard watches a baseball game on the television. 'Ace' Duane is taking care of Oaks business and chatting with fans on social media. Joe taps away at the keyboard, working on his next book. 

While on tour with the boys, you'll meet some of the fans they have come to love, and who have become part of the Oaks family in some way down through the years. I'm not talking about folks they meet at a show once - or many times but people whom they build a relationship with. Phone calls, letters and visits they look forward to. People they laugh with and share sorrows. The Oak Ridge Boys are 'family' amongst themselves and to everyone they meet. 

On The Road takes us off the road to visit with the boys during their personal down time. You can bet, Richard is calling a ball game somewhere, William is either taking pictures or painting one. You will find Duane refurbishing one of the many classic cars he has in his collection and Joe is either snuggling with a cat or working on his farm. They each also have a family - wife/ girlfriend, children and grandchildren - the core of their stability

Through personal insights from each of the boys, readers have the rare opportunity to board the bus, travel from city to city and glimpse what goes on behind the scenes. Joe takes you from the bus, to their favorite places to eat and shares what goes into putting on the best show they can for the folks they love - their fans. 

The Oak Ridge Boys are amazing individual men who have had the unique ability to continue doing what they love for so many years - with no end in sight! But each of the boys will tell you they are blessed by God and praise Him for everything they have. I think Joe's wife, Mary, summed the Oak Ridge Boys up perfectly when she called them a phenomenon. When you read the book I think you will agree. 

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Other books by Joe Bonsall include  From My Perspective, the story of his parents, G. I. Joe & Lillyor one of his many chidlren's books which are available through their web-store and Amazon.
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