Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - 717 - Jason Cassidy

717 - the new album by JasonCassidy, is a refreshing micro-brewed mix of country at its best. Whether you like the newer country or want to listen to something with more classic notes, 717 is the album you should add to your playlist.

The album kicks off with 'What Waylon Wouldn't Say'. You can feel your feet boot-scootin'  around the dance floor with the first classic note. While 'How Good Love Feels' still carries the back notes of solid country music, the over-all tone is perfect for contemporary radio without the 'bro country'. 'I Got It Good' could very well be Jason's anthem, and in my opinion will only get better from here as long as he sticks to the roots he favors. 'Rest of Forever' is that one song that when you think you're leaving the dance floor, invites you to stay and get a little closer and could be the wedding song of 2015.  The classic tone and feel of 'Cowboy Girl' could have been recorded by George Strait. The tempo changes back to a bit more contemporary on 'Baby Come On'. If you're a fan 'Sissy's Song' by Alan Jackson you will love 'Dancing with Jesus' (Bre's song). The song features vocals of Heather Little (co-wrote 'Gunpowder and Lead' with Miranda Lambert). 'Beers to You' prevents the album from becoming meloncholy with that 'one more dance tune' to stretch the party a little longer. While 'Country Girls Do It Better' is on the higher end of the contemporary scale, the beat picks up the younger listeners so much of Nashville is playing to these days - making this the perfect track to attract Nashville executives. Jason brings everything together nicely with a cover of the Keith Whitely classic, 'Don't Close Your Eyes'

Overall, I found the album to be a true representation of who Jason Cassidy is as an artist. For a quick listen of all the tracks, you can go to his YouTube channel for 717.

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