Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Destiny & Fate - Kelly McGuire

I love surprises! As I looked forward to this new CD from Kelly McGuire, I was expecting the tropical sounds of Belize. Destiny & Fate offers up cold Carona's and slushy drinks with umbrellas - right along side a platter of Americana with a side order of 1950s. While that might sound like a menu for disaster, I assure you, Destiny & Fate offers the perfect balance of all of those.

Any Better Than This sets up the ten tracks with a seque from one sound to the next in a flawless roll of an island wave. Barnacles is full island sound.

When I think of a evening beach party, I think romance. Seventeen, Broken Pieces each have a reminiscent, thoughtful tone of relationship growth. Coming Home, Destiny & Fate, You Drive Me Crazy, Where Love Goes are more present tense.

The Flood is a bit off course. This one is more personal, drawing on the Americana and giving the album roots.

The Song is that last dance of the evening - that point in the evening when you don't want to let go of the person holding you or the overall experience, yet you leave the party with memories of a perfect evening.

Destiny & Fate is proof that whether on a beach in Belize, a neighborhood honkytonk in Texas or your living room for a house party, Kelly is at home.

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