Friday, July 1, 2016


Beginning today, through Monday July 4th, I'll share a video celebrating our Independence.

Enjoy your weekend and remember what our forefathers fought for, what our current men and women go through every minute to insure we have the freedoms we have today.  Enjoy your weekend.

I chose this video by up and coming Oklahoma artist Wesley Michael Hayes for the sentiment a lot of people are proclaiming these days. I am all for SENSIBLE gun use. And while I sympathize with those who have lost loved ones to gun violence, I also believe we would not be where we are today if our forefathers had not had firepower.

We live in a the land of Freedom of Choice and The Right to Bear Arms. Let us stand strong in our Independence... and get help for those who have mental issues. Mental Health is an illness that needs our understanding and our help.

Country Blessings on a safe holiday weekend

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