Wednesday, July 13, 2016

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - Comin' Right At Ya - Ray Benson

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to hang out with Ray Benson, co-founder and front man for Asleep at the Wheel, you have only to pick up a copy of COMIN' RIGHT AT YA. Ray Benson tells all in this 167-page autobiography (co-written with David Menconi)

From growing up in Philadelphia to the bright lights of Austin, Ray Benson can say he's been everywhere. Not only has he been everywhere but he has at least networked with almost every industry professional you can name, including Van Morrison. Bet ya didn't see that comin'. Not only has he worked with many of your favorites, but they have become life-long friends.

Ray Benson's easy conversational style gives the sense of sitting next to him while he regales you with stories of his escapades over the years, imparting a bit of the wisdom he has acquired along the way. One such bit of wisdom is the correlation between math and music. I had heard of the parallel before from my friend, Maestro Steven Byess. (Steven did a PBS special for kids on the principle) So yeah, if you want to be an artist but don't think you have to pay attention in Math class, you might want to rethink that one. 

I am all about networking. You meet interesting people, have opportunities you might not otherwise experience and have fun. Ray Benson says he has perfected hanging out as an art form.. and look where the practice has gotten him. 

When I met him last month, Ray told me that between the DVD and this book, I would earn a PhD in Asleep at the Wheel. I guess I need to find a place on my wall for that diploma. 

So grab your vice of choice and pull up a chair for a journey like you've never been on with one of the coolest cats you will ever meet.

You can order your copy through the Asleep At the Wheel website or Amazon
While you wait for your book to arrive, here's a little something for your viewing pleasure:

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