Monday, May 8, 2017


Just a quick stop in to tell you everything is okay in our part of the Ozarks. However, storms did keep me off the internet for a couple of days, then trying to get stuff outside done before more rain moves in. I won't ask for the rain to stop. I've learned to be careful what I ask for. So I'll just keep hopping in when I can.

I had Q  & A out to a couple of artists that I was expecting to be in over the weekend. Weather in other parts of the country may have played a factor. Regarding lack of responses, I'm not doing Out of the Chute this week.

However, whenever there isn't an Out of the Chute on the calendar, I will use the space to introduce you to some of the amazing talent I've been meeting on Twitter. You may see them on Turntable Tuesday or Review Wednesday as well in various forms.

Hang with me. I'm sure we'll dry out soon enough and the Q & A's will flood my email.

Country Blessings!

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