Monday, July 17, 2017

OUT OF THE CHUTE - The Baker Family - @AGT

The Baker Family Bluegrass 

I am so proud to know this talented family so when I heard they'd auditioned for America's Got Talent I knew they were going to be high on my promo list for the duration of their run - however long that may be. I can say this... if they don't get past the audition phase, four judges need to clean out their ears.

Just a look at the BIO on their WEBSITE is enough to clue you in as to why they belong on AGT... and hopefully go All the Way... Are you hearing me AGT?

Carina's rendition of Blue Moon of Kentucky is a perfect example. I wonder what they chose for their audition. While I know the family, they are under a confidentiality thing and can't tell us much except that they auditioned. Check the website for your local listing and times. You will want to catch this talented family from small town Birch Tree Missouri!

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