Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I want 2018 to be the turning point of getting back on track with music promotion. While I can never do what I love for money, I can support the artists who bring me joy through their artistry. Here on KellysCountry, I share what I receive with all of you. Please support these artists... and Live Music!

As promised, our first 'official' Turntable Tuesday of 2018 kicks off with Summer of Love by James Williams.

Cover art by Don Faires

While I've known James as a country artist for over thirty years, I also know there is a rock and roller at the heart of this talented songwriter, singer, musician. From his beginning songwriting which included Look At Me Girl, which was later recorded by Bobby Vee in July 1966 and went to #85 to this album, he has always been a rocker. Remember, his music was blossoming in the mid 1960's - the summer of love.

The title track, Summer of Love, takes me back to 1966. I was five years old and my dad would take me to the big city park in Boulder Colorado. I saw the hippie culture up close and idolized the young girls with their pretty dresses and flowers in their hair. I knew at the age of five, I wanted to be a flower child. James' album calls to that five-year-old to come out and play again.

Leaving the Past Behind definitely has that 1960s/ Bobby Vee feel to it whereas Show Us the Way has a bit more cosmic, meditative sense. Pretty Woman's Daughter is drawn from Roy Orbison  The guitar on this track is spot on for Roy's style. While this album has a psychedelic overtone, I Can't See Past Losing You pulls in a thread of his country roots and Promised Land brings a country-rock beat that calls you to the dance floor. I can see this one being a favorite at the next Playboys of Edinburg reunion concert. Sons of the 60's is one of two songs on the CD where James teams up with his brother, Michael. This track is most reminiscent of my James and Michael Younger days of the 1980's, paying homage to their mama who was an amazing talent and like many artists, they cut their musical chords singing in church. If any song on this album touches a country note, it's I've Got Friends You Don't Know About. When I Think Of You and Fun Summertime are two of my favorite tunes on this CD. While I was a mere child in the 60s, I grew up a fan of beach movies. This song would be an excellent addition to any soundtrack portraying that beachy vibe. 

Overall, Summer of Love serves up exactly what the title promises. The 1960s were a cool blend of hipster beach and hippy love. James has brought everything together in an album that will connect with anyone who grew up in that era in some way, evoking memories of where you were, what you did and ... maybe who. Pick up this CD and take a trip down memory lane.

To purchase your copy:

$20.00 and includes shipping.
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James Williams
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Hendersonville 37075


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Since I can't share a track from the CD, I'll leave you with this classic Beach Boys tune:

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