Tuesday, March 6, 2018


IT TAKES TIME is the sophomore EP by Adrian Johnston. Her bio gives her the tag of a sassy-spit-fire. She is all that and a whole lot more. Adrian Johnston carries a soulfulness paralleling the feminine outlaw you can't let go of. Adrian showcases her growth on this album, having co-wrote five of the six tracks on the EP  with Zac Maloy, who also produced the album.

Rather Have You kicks off the EP with a kicky little guitar riff at the beginning that pulls you in close to a 'tell it like it is' non-conventional love song. That said, we all know It Takes Time to build anything. Whether it be a fine-aged wine, a solid relationship or a career-marking album, slow and steady will win every time.  With lots of off-the-cuff references to a steady pour of class, Adult Beverages is a song you can't say no to. If there's one song on this EP that pulls you onto a dance floor, it's Lone Stars. Whether you're traveling down the highway or around the dance floor, Lone Stars is the 'road tune' you want to hear. While the one song on this EP not co-written by Johnston, Damn, I Want A Love Like That bears her signature style, intensified by the vocal pairing with newcomer, Jordon Isaac. Tear It Down is a Miranda Lambert style of song, reminiscent of 'The House that Built Me', showing Lambert's influence while allowing us a more personal glimpse of Johnston's growth, both as a human being and as an artist. 

Overall, It Takes Time is a solid album by an artist who has truly taken her time to find out who she is, the type of product she wants to put out and the lasting career she wants to build. I'm tipping my hat:


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One of the things I love about Adrian Johnston's YouTube channel is that she gives you a lot of the 'story behind the song' tracks. Here's the one from Damn, I Want A Love Like That:

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