Monday, November 12, 2018


Bill Anderson during 'Poor Folk'

I don't get to a lot of concerts but since I was twelve years old, this man has been on my 'must see' list. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Anderson a couple of times over the phone, reviewed his book as well as CDs. When I saw he would be within an easy driving distance, meaning I could go there and back - a small feat for where I live, I ordered my ticket then contacted his management team. I wanted the opportunity to thank him personally for the time he has given me in the past, get the book autographed... and something I seldom do, get my picture taken. 

You see, I understand they have their job and I have mine so when I do interviews I don't mix business with pleasure and I'm not a fan of having my picture taken. I thank Mr. Anderson's road manager, Lee Willard from Straight 8 Entertainment, for working with me that evening as well as taking this photograph:

Bill Anderson is exactly as you envision him. Warm, friendly, sincere and full of heart and passion for life, his artistry and his fans. The fans at his shows range from ten years to 90+. 

Performing Peel Me A Nanner

From the first notes of Wild Weekend to the final strains of Still, with the exception of an admitted loss of words during one song, Bill Anderson kept his audience engaged and entertained. I was in the second row next to a woman who''d had a friend drive her down to Steelville Missouri from Iowa just to see him. 

Meramec Theatre  is an amazing venue owned and operated by the Steelville Arts Council tucked in the beautiful Ozarks. Everyone involved is interested in bringing quality entertainment out of the bigger cities and to the people. If you look at their schedule you'll see contemporary artists, Gospel, Bluegrass as well as classic Country artists. In the past they've welcomed artists such as Jimmy Fortune, the Bellamy Brothers, John Conlee and Sandi Patty. They are still finalizing the 2019 schedule, including the Oakridge Boys. 

One thing you won't find at any other venue is an in-house artist, a painter specializing in landscapes and fine art, creates and incredible rendering of the performance while the entertainer holds the audience in the palm of their hand. His name Is Marty Coulter. In the space of about two hours, Marty captures what he sees on stage. Prior to the performance, attendees have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win the painting of the evening.

Tony & Debbie Sabatino of Burboun Missouri
with Bill Anderson and artist, Marty Coulter

Bill Anderson autographing the painting for the Sabatinos.
Bill stayed until every last person had the pleasure of shaking his hand, getting a photo and autograph. 

Bill Anderson recently released his 72nd album and celebrated his 81st. birthday! I'll be reviewing his new album tomorrow as well as showcasing his Christmas album next month.
Bill Anderson is usually on The Party List so keep an eye on those posts when they return in 2019. You will want to catch one of his shows!


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