Thursday, November 1, 2018


Good morning, everyone!

I do apologize for not having a Party List today. I had planned to get them up and running for the month, but a sinus infection has really slowed my progress. I'm struggling with daily house stuff and getting the garden prepped before rain moved in. Today, I am just totally exhausted. Sadly, the bushel of apples sitting in my kitchen are not going to wait any longer.

While I should have a couple of music posts coming up as well as Christmas CD profiles towards the end of the month, I am pulling most of the posts for the remainder of this year, through January 2019.

I have to get Book 2 written in my Planned to Perfection series this month. I have NanoWrimo to motivate me to complete that project, along from the fact I intend to release this book mid May 2019.

Basically, health and the paying gig have to come first.

I take December off to enjoy the holidays. December is my month to break down the current year and set up for the coming year. I watch Hallmark movies, Christmas specials and bake enough cookies/ goodies for about 100 treat boxes.

Most entertainers are also down for January, unless they are in Colorado for the Steamboat Music Fest.

Peek back over the next few weeks and watch for promo tweets for new postings and look forward to a much more productive blog in 2019.

Country Blessings!

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