Monday, February 10, 2020

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Sarah Morris

Today, we're talking with Sarah Morris. I'm in love with her playful style. Thanks to Adam Dawson at BrokenJukeboxMedia for bring her my way. 

Hi Sarah. Thank you for joining me in Kelly’s Country today. I’m looking forward to sharing a little about you with my readers.

Let’s kick this off, shall we?

1 – Just reading your bio on Instagram, I see a playful side of you. I’ll bet that comes in handy with kids. How many do you have?   I have 2! And yes - I believe in playful!!

2 – How do you juggle family, wifey stuff and your music as well as self-care?  :)  Not all that well sometimes!  And sometimes it all goes pretty smoothly.  I’m lucky that my husband and parents are extremely supportive!  Also, I have good friends who are juggling the same things and that is so helpful - I can bounce ideas off of them, share my challenges - it’s been a wonderful development over the last few years of my life.  I’m also SUPER routined - and practically speaking, I think that is the key to all the pieces fitting together.

3 – As I listened to the new CD, I heard a very melodic, breathy voice not normally associated with Americana. With that unusual quality to your voice for this genre, who do you think have been your biggest influences as you honed your craft?   Vocally - Alison Krauss is the single biggest influence.  Patty Griffin has always been an influence, and more recently,  Amanda Shires - I love love love her phrasing.

4 – You’ve earned some very prestigious awards for songwriting. What is the one thing you feel every song has to have?   Some truth to it.

5 – All Mine has a very romantic quality emphasized by not only the lyrics, but your voice. Are you a romantic at heart?  I have my moments!  But I could probably stand to be a little MORE romantic, actually!  I think that sometimes with all the busy-ness and making sure things WORK I lean much more toward the practical. 

6 – Prior to All Mine, you’ve released albums in 2011, 2015 and 2017. Is there a key element you’ve carried through from one to the next?  Yeah!  Some of my team has been the same for each record - Eric Blomquist on the production side, Thomas Nordlund on guitar.  Songwriting-wise - I think I have a specific melodic and lyrical voice that you can hear in each record.  Also, the last three are each designed to have the first song and last song work as a bit of a unit.  Brighter/Hope, Sweet Hope on Ordinary Things both use that phrase.  Hearts in Need/Confetti on Hearts in Need of Repair both refer to finding common threads among each other.  On the new one, All Mine/Higher both speak to owning your own journey and keeping on with keeping on.

7 – Lonely and Free was your debut album. How do you think you’ve grown from that CD to this one?  I’ve grown more sure of what I want to say and how I want to say it.  And also, my core instrumentalists play together all the time (Lonely or Free was tracked in a day with session players mostly) and I think you hear that togetherness - I certainly trust in and rely heavily on Thomas, Andrew, and Lars to bring these songs to life and to impart their own voices on them also!

8 – Self-care seems to be a big term these days. As women we need to make sure we’re not losing us in all of our many hats. With all the titles you carry, is there anything you do to make sure you’re able to juggle everything and still be able to breathe at the end of the day?   Yes!  I agree so much!  And I keep investigating for myself.  Currently - running is my biggest one, and consistent creative practice - which for me means 3 pages of free form writing every morning.  Also, of late I’ve been reading more - and specifically choosing reading that inspires in some way.  And laughter.  My family is hilarious - that’s the best!

You can catch up with Sarah Morris via the following social media streams: 

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ALL MINE drops February 21st. You can pre-order your copy through her website. Check out the following locations for your copy. 

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Come back tomorrow for Turntable Tuesday where I will review All Mine.
In the mean time, here's a video clip for you!

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