Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I have an album on the turntable this morning I can only describe as a fresh air. Even on the overcast, miserable day outside my window, the sun shines in my office as I write this review.

ALL MINE encompasses years of word-play. Sarah Morris is a multi-award winning songwriter that shows through on each of the eleven tracks. During our interview yesterday, Sarah told us the one key element that strings her songs together is '... a specific melodic and lyrical voice that you can hear in each record.'

Some of the tunes, such as Stir Me Up, have a free-form poetry style then others, such as Mendocino bring a storyline into the mix.

One of my absolute favorites on this CD is Don't Come Clean. As I listened I found a commonality amongst the songs. Unlike a lot of artists, where they just short of come out and tell you what their album is about, Sarah Morris has woven a fine gold thread from track to track. Her breathy style adds to the embroidery, drawing you in. The effect is  mesmerizing as you follow her from one tune to the next.

One of the things I've noticed through my many years of listening to music is that you could listen to a song and not only identify the artist but the songwriter as well. Somewhere through time, that indelible thumbprint has smeared. Sarah knows how to pen lyrics but more importantly she is able to put her trademark on them. Whether she records them, or someone else has the opportunity, you will know the song's origin.  This ability probably is the greatest tribute to that key element she spoke of.

Sarah Morris' music is playful, sassy with an undercurrent of reality.

The only twinge I found in this album was the reverbing on Mendocino. I'm tipping my hat:

ALL MINE drops February 21st. You can pre-order your copy through her website. Check out the following locations for your copy. 

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You can catch up with Sarah Morris via the following social media streams: 

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