Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Rise & Fly carries a depth like no other EP I've ever reviewed. There's a lot of power, soul and tradition packed into five tracks.

I think a lot of the magic comes from Noah Wall. She's the fiddle player and the base element for the group, playing since her teens. She wrote three of the tunes. In her Senior year, Noah teamed up with mandolin player, Tommy Norris. A music match in heaven? Possibly. Their individual college paths only strengthened their core, allowing them to bring in Alex Connerly on guitar (he wrote one track on this EP) then last but certainly not least, Katie Blomarz on base. Some people think there's nothing to playing a base but those who callus their fingers to hit just the right tone know better.

L-R: Alex, Katie, Tommy, Noah

Together, these talented four have found their destiny in the Americana, Folk, Bluegrass sound.

I've had this CD on loop this morning as I researched for this review. They set the foundation, kicking off with a traditional tune, Early In the Morning has the soulful tune right out of the cotton fields.
Doin' Alright has a tinge of psychedelic shows the powerful side of Noah. I heard a bit of Heart (that would be the rock legend). The bluegrass is evident in Every Little Thing blended with a bit of 70's harmony. Of all the songs on this EP, I think Lonely Mississippi Blues is my favorite. Maybe it's the river that I love, that speaks to me but the tune flows well, showing Alex's connection to a song. But At the End of the Day, (the final track) you'll be snapping your fingers as they travel down the road to you town. Catch them live but in the mean time, grab this CD. 

This band has been on a steady climb since those early days, building and growing as they should, at a pace predestined.

Rise & Fly only wets our appetite for more from this promising band.

I'm tipping my hat:

Since I'm writing this review at 6 a.m. this seems the appropriate video to leave you with:

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