Tuesday, June 16, 2020


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Today, I have the pleasure of sharing an EP (only 4 tracks) from Teghan Devon.  If you've every lost someone, even a pet, then this LITTLE LION belongs in your  musical library.

Little Lion is more of a tribute EP to her dog, Sarge. Here's a bit about her precious friend:

Sarge was more than just a dog. He was larger than life. He fought through laryngeal paralysis, a broken leg, three surgeries, his heart stopping for 10-12 minutes, a traumatic brain injury and multiple arthritis attacks. He was a miracle and my guardian angel. He was by my side through every heardship, every challenge, always showng me the good in the world and in myself. He was meant to be in my life. Losing Sarge is one of the hardes things I have ever had to go through. .... We've all lost someone we loved. My someone happened to have paws and the biggest, purest heart.

While the EP may be about the loss of her trusted companion, the undercurrent of emotion is powerful. In all my years of reviewing artists' music have I ever been moved to tears. EVER.

Teghan Devon has a breathless, other-world quality to her voice that carries you on a boundless journey... to places never reached before or levels you've avoided.  Until now.

Grab a tissue -or three then sit back, close your eyes and let LITTLE LION heal you in ways you didn't know you needed.

I'm tipping my hat:

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Here's a video from her channel:

I'm dedicating today's review to my Great Pyreneese/ Chow mix - Bear. He's been gone almost a year but I still miss the dog who chose me every single day. 

Country Blessings

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