Monday, September 7, 2020

HITTING THE RESET - A Bit of Housecleaning


Today's post is all about that big red button. Kind of reminds me of Red Nose Day from Walgreens.

I've sat for over six months,  not doing much of anything. Not even following through on my plan to do Flash Back posts when The Party List went out the window? Why?

Well, the reason finally came to me last weekend. I haven't been using my blog/ editorial boards or my planners since the end of February... when I started the reorganization of the studio/ office. 

I am a VERY visual person. Even during my days of selling Christmas Around the World, House of Lloyd and Undercover Wear whenever there was a promotion, I would buy a sheet of poster board and create a chart to track my progress towards a goal.

Saturday, I pulled out my notepad and decided there were changes to be made.

1- Work only with blogs that bring me joy.

I had six blogs. 

I am keeping KellysCountry. I love networking with artists and fans. Even though I do not make a single dime from anything I write on this blog, the opportunity to meet some really awesome folks has been amazing, as well as staying connected with old friends like The Bellamy Brothers, W.C. Jameson  and James Williams. 

However, I made the definitive decision to close the Living Through Weightloss.

I find being motivated hard on the blog when there are no responses to posts... and only a hand full of readers. I thought that through my journey I could inspire others. I've gotten to the point where my time is too valuable for something that is not having any affect on me or others. As of today, that blog will be closing by end of the month. 

2 - Still In Debate

I started the Ozarks Journal blog back when I first met the Polish Sinfonia and needed a place to post pictures from the grade school students so that the orchestra members could all go look at them. I still like the blog idea but I'm making a couple of changes.

I want to keep talking about prepping, my garden and household. I was talking 'household' on the weightloss blog, after all a clean house does make for a better self-journey but something in me decided I could keep the household with the Ozarks Journal. I mean, I LIVE in the Ozarks. LOL So OJ will be more about my corner of the Ozarks and our home here.

3- Staying on Task

This required evaluating what I really want to do.

I want to write - both books and articles. Many of which have something to do with romance, cowboys or music.

I want the Etsy shop or some other sales form to destash my stuff and let it bring joy to others.

4 - More time to craft and to write.

I still have book series I want/ need to write. I'm starting back to a regular writing schedule next week. Hopefully, by the time Bob comes home I will have a routine where even if I only take thirty minutes, the words will flow.

Overall Goals

To create beautiful things while destashing our home

To stay more on Task

To write more books

To have a financial plan in place that has the house paid off in two years.

 I'm not saying these goals will be easy, but with visuals in place  I have a much better shot

I'm spending the rest of this week getting posts written/ scheduled, batch-recording videos and putting the office back together from company last week.

I will see you back here on Friday (September 11)  to talk about the new schedule and give you a final flip-through of my Ausgust Assembly Line Junk Journal Challenge journal.

until then...

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