Saturday, August 29, 2009

7th Annual Fandango at Luckenbach

Pack your bags! I can't think of a better way to wind down the summer than with a trip to Luckenbach Texas!

During the weekend of Sept. 11-13th you'll find awesome entertainment, a little partying (okay, maybe a lot) and good friends.

Here's what Mike Blakely and friends have in store for the 7th Annual Fandango at Luckenbach:
6:00 - Jimmy Adams and Friends
7:00 - Jeff Posey
8:00 - Kim Carson
9:00 - Davin James
10:00 - Debbie Walton
11:00 - John Arthur Martinez

1:00- Duke Davis & Buckshot
2:00- Steven Fromholz, Bob Livingston, & Mike Blakely
3:00 - Pauline Reese
4:00 - The Hudsons
5:00 - Shotgun Party
6:00 - W.C. Jameson & Buddy Case
7:00 - Tina Mitchell Wilkins
8:00 - Randy Brown
9:00 - Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros
10:00 - Tommy Alverson
11:00 - Mike Blakely & The Whiskey Traders

12:00 - 3:00 Book signing featuring a dozen Texas authors & music with some of those authors
1:00- Cowboy Church with TMR
2:00 - W.C. Jameson & Mike Blakely
3:00 - Bobby Bridger
4:00 - Buzz Carson - hit songwriter from Nashville

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remembering Les Paul

Sad news reached my mail box over the weekend. The legendary Les Paul had passed away. In doing some digging in my personal research sources, I was surprised to find Les Paul was not mentioned in either of my Country Music Encyclopedias.

I know when many think of Les Paul, they think the outstanding Les Paul guitars artists longed to have. If a man wanted to play guitar, you can bet he hungered to own an honest to goodness Les Paul. Not cheap by any means. And I think to some, if they could afford one they thought they were on their way to great things.

Les Paul wasn't just about guitars. He was a magician and a pioneer in using multi-tracks in the recording studio. What he couldn't do with a guitar, he did in the studio. His talents spread across genres and generations.

I have to wonder who will ever contribute so much to music and leave such a lasting impression on the industry the way he did.

But then it's impossible to replace a legend.

Play on Les Paul!

Country Blessings!