Friday, May 7, 2021

FRIDAY FUNNIES - Girls Lie Too - Terri Clark

 Good morning, country fans!

Who doesn't like a little Captain Jack in their day! 

Country Blessings!
~ Kelly

Friday, April 30, 2021

FRIDAY FUNNIES - Pretty Pink Tractor - Tim Hawkins

 Good morning, country friends!

With everyone getting into the gardens and fields, I just had to share this cutie from Tim Hawkins!

Country Blessings!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021



Good morning, friends!

I introduced you to Craig Cummings yesterday. Today, we're giving his new album a listen. THE GULF BETWEEN US is Craig's fifth album and if this is any indication of what the previou four were like, we are in for a real treat down the road.

Here's what Craig told us yesterday about how this album came together:
When I wrote the title song, I knew right away that the subject matter of that song was going to be the theme for an album. A light just went off! Subsequent to that I was in AZ and took a trip to the border wall to see for myself what it was about…to get a feel for it. That and some reading I did spawned the songs Momma and Me, The Southern Wall, and Like Thieves.  The remaining songs were written as I asked myself, “What are some of the other things that keep people apart.” I decided failed relationships and the passing of loved ones were also major factors. All of that went into the songs on the album.

I love how a spark of an idea can ignite an inferno of possibilities.

I'm not breaking this album down by track like I normally do. What I do hope you'll hear is the amazing flow in the melody. with the gulf breeze as a backdrop, Craig takes us down to the wall, giving us a visual of what is really going on there. While I try not to get political, I am heartbroken by the single phrase in track 2- The Southern Wall, 'innocents running from the law'.  

Our ancestors were once innocents just like those people looking for a better life. We are a diverse nation, we love ethnic foods - even those we think are American foods are steeping in other traditions and flavors. 

Because Craig Cummings made me FEEL and to soul search, I'm tipping my hat:


You can catch up with him via the following social media links:

This review sparked an editorial I'll be posting soon. I hope you'll come back and read.

Country Blessings
~ Kelly

Monday, April 26, 2021

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Craig Cummings

Happy Monday, friends!

This week, I'm bringing an East Coast artist. Craig Cummings hails from Washington D.C.

Thanks for joining us in Kelly's Country, Craig!
Let's open the chute -

When I first saw you on the website, I thought sure you were straight out of Texas! So how does a guy from Baltimore come to be an artist that could have walked out of a honky tonk? Do you have those in Baltimore?

Well, there aren’t too many honky-tonks in Baltimore, but there are more venues you might describe that way in the DC/Virginia area. Throughout my career I’ve played all different kinds of music, and I have a broad palette of musical genres that I enjoy. I started playing country/country rock music back in the 70s. Even though I dabbled in other genres, this is where I just feel right. I took a couple of years away from performing in the early 2000s, while my kids were growing and I was very busy with my day job. In 2007 or so, I decided to recommit to writing and performing and I told myself that I would move forward without any preconceived notions about what style of music I would write. As I began furiously writing songs at that time, it was easy to see that the country/Americana style was what came naturally to me. Five albums later, I’m right where I want to be stylistically. I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life, but I would have fit right in somewhere out west. IN fact, my wife and I spend a month every year in Tucson, AZ and I do a lot of writing there.

 I love that you do songwriter showcases and are heavily involved in songwriting organizations. When did that start for you and why is it important to you to be a part of those avenues?

I think there is a lot to be learned from working with and spending time with other songwriters. In these parts, we don’t have the history and cache that Austin, Nashville, and other centers of songwriting goodness boast. So, songwriters have to stick together and work to be heard and seen and acknowledged for what we bring to the music scene. These songwriting groups are a good way to do that. Plus, I love bringing people together to make music

Both your musical influences and your ‘Favorite CDs’ cover a wide scope of music genres. Of them, what would you say were your three main take-aways that became a part of who you are as a songwriter, musician and performer?

Well, I think I’d have to break this down into 3 time periods in my life. In the 70s, I was strongly influenced by songwriting performers like Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Gram Parsons, and The Beatles. Through the 80s and 90s, I listened and learned a lot from writer/performers like Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Springsteen, and Tom Petty. From about 2000 on, my influences moved to songwriters from Nashville and Texas… writers such as Guy Clark, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, and Townes Van Zandt. Each of these periods of influence gave a slightly different imprint on my songwriting style. Generally, I want to write songs that have strong lyrics, often with a first-person approach, since this makes songs more personal for the listener. I also want to write songs that you want to sing along with…songs that stick in your mind long after you’ve heard them. And I want to write in an upbeat style even when I’m writing about difficult things. I love sad, slow ballads, but I don’t record too many of them.

You mention you began playing in your teens. I also find you very articulate. Would you share a bit about your education journey?

Well, I majored in education at the University of MD because back then, if you wanted to major in music, it had to be classical or jazz performance and composition – there were no songwriting or music production majors like there are now in some universities. When I graduated, I got a job immediately and just started working as a teacher while playing music at night. I went back to school at night to get a Master’s degree because in teaching you must continue to take classes and develop professionally, and if I was gonna take classes I figured I might as well get another degree. So, I got my Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. Right before I finished my advisor convinced me to apply to the doctoral program, assuring me I’d get in. I did, and seven years later I had my doctorate – all while still playing music. I was a teacher for about 15 years and an administrator for about 21 years.

Your bio mentions a love for language. Do you speak any others besides English?

In high school I won the Spanish award for being the best student of Spanish in the senior class. I used to read books in Spanish and converse pretty well. These days, I can read it fairly well, but I don’t speak it very well. I wish I was better at it.

 If I’m reading your discography correctly, The Gulf Between Us is your fifth album. How did this album come about?

When I wrote the title song, I knew right away that the subject matter of that song was going to be the theme for an album. A light just went off! Subsequent to that I was in AZ and took a trip to the border wall to see for myself what it was about…to get a feel for it. That and some reading I did spawned the songs Momma and Me, The Southern Wall, and Like Thieves.  The remaining songs were written as I asked myself, “What are some of the other things that keep people apart.” I decided failed relationships and the passing of loved ones were also major factors. All of that went into the songs on the album.

Since Road Trips and Relationships, how do you think you’ve grown as an artist across the album releases?

Well, most importantly, I think I’ve become a better songwriter. I spend much more time fine-tuning my songs, and when I write I begin with more of a purpose. I pay much more attention to small details that can move a song from being good to great. And, I am better at bringing the right people together to make the music I want to make, and I have a greater understanding of what works and does not work in a recording studio.

When fans listen to your music, what do you hope they glean from the experience?

I hope that they find some truths in the music that speak to them. Maybe it’s just one line in a song, maybe it’s the theme or topic…but I just want listeners to feel something, and to appreciate the power of music to be a positive force in their lives. In the best of all worlds, there would be a Craig Cummings song 

Tomorrow, I'll be reviewing Craig's new album. You can catch up with him via the following social media links:


In the mean time, I'll leave you with this video:

Friday, April 23, 2021

FRIDAY FUNNIES - Celebrity - Brad Paisley

 Good morning, country fans!

Who remembers when Brad Paisley first came on the scene and everyone thought he was the next George Strait?

Enjoy this video and the cameo appearance by the late, great  Little Jimmy Dickens as well as other celebrities.

Country Blessings

Friday, April 16, 2021

FRIDAY FUNNIES RETURNS! - As Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith

 Good morning, country fans!

I'm finally getting caught up from the long hiatus across the board and look forward to sharing talented artists dishing out great music as well as the classics we all know and love.. like this one from Toby Keith!

Country Blessings

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Prince of Poverty

Good morning, country fans!

Here in KellysCountry I spotlight a lot of different artists. Some for the music, some for the writing artistry and a lot for both sides of the coin. 

Back in September I featured an artist who'd reached out to me - Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band.

Well, Kristian is back with a new album and working on another to release in the fall.

Ahhhh - the beauty of being and indie artist! You can do things on your timeline - not on what some office exec or editor thinks needs to be done. Not only that, but unlike the big execs and editors, you are your own client, where those folks are handling dozens (if not hundreds) of clients every day. That's a lot of balls to jungle.

That out of the way, let's give PRINCE OF POVERTY a listen.

He kicks the album off by jumping right into the pit of American Fire. While I like the album, I am not a fan of repetitive lyrics. That's just me personally and he uses the title words over and over, specifically towards the end where I think his talents could have been better spent.

You really get the harder soul in Don't Call Me Baby

Just Driving Around has a nice easy shuffle 'round the dancefloor I quite enjoyed. A good backroad sody cruise tune.

Now, if you want to talk soul, Soul to Soul has it to the core. I could easily sit back with my eyes closed and let this song just play in a loop. 

That Kind of Love takes us down a road with an amazing rhythm driving a foreboding undertone. If you aren't tapping toes on this tune, you need to wake up your soul.

They'll Remember My Name is the dark, hard type of track I can't get into, personally, but my ex would have loved it! LOL

Tired of Being Tired really sums up a lot. Those four simple words took a talented writer like Kristian Montgomery to turn them into a classic.

When's the last time you heard the phrase Warm Grave? This is a story type of tune I really get in to. The visuals that come to mind in this track are amazing. Let yourself go to the warm grave. 

The final track, Working Hands, is another great shuffle tune. Similar to Just Driving Around but with a bit more drive in the beat. 

While I like the album, I am not a fan of repetitive lyrics he showcases on a couple of the tracks. That's just me personally. I think his talents could have been better spent continuing to tell a story. That said, Kristian has a killer voice. As one person commented on dropbox.. the dude can sing! Overall, this is a great album for those who like the hard stuff. I'm just more of a wine girl. ;-)

If the hard edge, soulful Americana is your shot, then PRINCE OF POVERTY is the album you want on your playlist.

I am giving this album:


Here's a video from one of the tracks - Working Hands

You will find Kristian Montgomery on the following social media sites and can pick up your copy by going HERE

Monday, April 12, 2021


 Good morning, country fans!

I just wanted to stop in and let you know I'm working really hard this week to get back on track. 

I have the new album by Kristian Montgomery on the turntable tomorrow. Bit harder than I usually listen to but I really enjoy Kristian's songwriting talent and he's a cool dude to work with!

Also, I want everyone to be aware that there are people with too much time on their hands. They are ghosting YouTube channels as the actual artist and replying to comments left on official videos by the actual artists. Like they think leaving their email isn't a big red flag!? Come on.  So far I've caught them on Tim McGraw's official video of Redneck Girl (cover of The Bellamy Brothers hit) as well as Vince Gill's official video of When My Amy Prays. 

If you see someone posting a comment and leaving an email address supposedly by the artist, contact the actual artists promotional department ( usually found on their website) or let me know in the comments so I can direct the appropriate channels. 

In the mean time, here's a special video for you today... by the real Vince Gill:

Monday, April 5, 2021

OUT OF THE CHUTE - The Bellamy Brothers Anniversary DVD

 Hey folks!

Okay, before you get excited and start looking for a copy of the video I'm about to show you, you'll only find it on YouTube. 

I hadn't known about the video when the DVD was released for The Bellamy Brothers 25th Anniversary came around (I'll take that up with David later LOL)

I do want to thank Rico Vrijhoeven Clip Channel for posting the video, which I believe is in its entirety.

 This was a great walk down memory lane for me as I've known Howard and David since 1982. I'll try to find a couple of pictures  my photographer took back then to share on a future post.

Grab your favorite beverage, get comfy and enjoy the world tour!

Country Blessings

Tuesday, March 16, 2021



Hi everyone. Welcome back to KellysCountry!

I've had cd's coming through the mail but haven't been able to find a working groove. For some reason, getting in step this year seems tougher than all of the 2020 fiasco. That said, I think I'm getting omfortable in the saddle again and hope you'll come along. 

I've still not decided how to resurrect The Party List. I am fearful of posting a LIVE gig that winds up falling through at the last minute. I am thinking of posting an artist's list each week for you to check out their schedule and make your own decisions. I will know for sure by the first Thursday in April so hang in there!

In the mean time, it is time to see what's on the Virtual Turntable this week... and it's a goody!

RIVER/ BLOOD by Stefan Prigmore is a DIGITAL ONLY album with nine tracks. Something I don't see often is how well the album cover represents the content. 

Stefan Prigmore is a true storyteller. From Taming Monsters to Brazos in My Bones and everything in between is gritty, soulful and as deep as the Brazos - from his heart. 

If you're a mind, grab a drink and a smoke then sit back, close your eyes and let Stefan Prigmore take you on a journey into your own soul. 

Stefan has this to say about his music:
I believe in simple delivery of honest concepts, and apply this to my music. My father is also a professional musician and has been my greatest influence, welcoming me onstage from an early age to play along with various groups over the years on teeth-cutting songs such as "Silverwings", "Amarillo By Morning", and "Stormy Monday". He also raised my brothers and I to be outdoorsmen; camping, fishing, and hunting at every opportunity; which continues to shape the artist I am today. A moment alone with nature, or the right song, can settle tempest hearts, and I think the joys of life are most often found in simple moments.

RIVER/ BLOOD is THE album you will remember for a lifetime.
Based on the fact that this is as 'digital only' (I still like a real CD or album in my hands) , I'm tipping my hat...

You'll find Stefan on the various social media streams. 


Stefan has a playlist on YouTube of 'live' performances he's proud of. I've selected one for you here:

Country Blesssings!
~ Kelly


Monday, March 1, 2021

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Special Fundraiser Announcement

 Good morning, friends.

I was planning to have Max Flinn in the chute today but he's tied up in Nashville and hasn't gotten the Q & A back to me so I'll be moving him to a future post.

I'm a strong believer in all things happen for a reason - though I have to tell you, sometimes I find myself asking "what's the reason".

I do know that this week, that reason is so I could feature a special fundraiser for K. R. Wood aka Camp Cookie.  K. R. is in need of a liver transplant. His buddy Michael Martin Murphey put a great concert on Facebook back on February 17th  during his Lone Cowboy Hour to bring attention to K. R.'s plight and his Go Fund Me page. They are almost $13,000 shy of their $40,000 goal. 

I am asking all of my followers & friends to ride on over to that Go Fund Me page and help out a fellow cowboy. 

Country Blessings


Tuesday, February 16, 2021



Welcome back to Kelly's Country!!!

Wow, when I said a week I didn't mean a month's worth!  Life just got in the way and I didn't do much blogging across the board at all. I'm still in need of catching up with the travel/ Ozarks blog. Bob's been home and I've not been really motivated to do anything but spend time with him. Guess that's going to have to change if I plan to have a supplemental income when he retires in a couple of years.

Today, I'm sharing an artist from my friend Dillon Steen at Steen Entertainment. I worked with Dillon for a bit several years ago. We've recently reconnected on IG. When I saw his promo for newcomer MAX FLINN, I knew I had to get the single on our Turntable Tuesday.

Born and raised in Texas, Max has been making trips between home and Nashville. He's co-written with some heavy hitters out of Nashville. This guy has the promise of bringing the country back to Nashville. Check out his BIO for the deeper info.

IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU is from the upcoming EP to be released on March 5, 2021.

Check out the video and you'll understand why I'm giving this single ...

You can catch up with Max Flinn on the following social media locations:

Monday, January 11, 2021



Happy New Year, everyone!

After spending time over the holidays sorting everything in my office, while spending time with Bob, I am finally at a stage where I can just put things away. 

I am not going to try balancing that task with work. Instead, I'm dedicating one full week to that final task. 

I normally don't post a lot in January as so many of my artists are in Steamboat. I'm not sure how that is occuring this year - haven't heard. If you know something, please let me know.

In the mean time,

Country Blessings