Monday, February 27, 2012

Male Vocalist of the Year Nominees continue...

Apologies for not getting these next few updates done sooner. Hubby came home and kidnapped me for a long-overdue vacation. He’s back to work now and so am I, with a long To Do list in front of me.

First off, the TMAs are just 4 weeks away! Man. I have to remember to ask Lucky and Jinelle what they were thinking scheduling it way earlier this year. LOL Before vacation I introduced you to Brant Lee Croucher… one of the nominees for Male Vocalist of the Year. Brant was kind enough to stop in and leave a comment and send me a personal email. That’s the kind of networking I like to see.

Today I’m featuring a guy and his band who are not only nominated in three categories this year but carry the title of Male Vocalist of the Year for 2010 AND 2011!
I’m talking about Dave Fenley of Dave Fenley and the Good Deal. His edgy voice carries soul through every note. With every strum of the guitar you can feel the emotions he pours into both the lyrics and the music. On his most recent album, ‘A Minute to Breathe’, you can hear the influences of Travis Tritt in ‘Really Good Man’. The folksy blues tones of Joe Crocker come through in ‘Sooner’, which is nominated for Song of the Year. Dave Fenley and the Good Deal are also up for Vocal Group of the Year, for their contribution to the ‘A Minute to Breathe’ album. If music and talent only get better over time, and with 2 MVAs under his belt, you have to think he could easily add another award to his list of accomplishments!

Country Blessings!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Male Vocalists of the Year Nominees

With the Texas Music Awards only about six weeks away, I thought I'd take the time to introduce you to ALL of the nominees this year. In the past I've focused on special categories and the Entertainer of the Year.

This week we're going to get to know the five nominees for Male Vocalist of the Year. Each bring their own style to Texas music.

The photo to the left is from his website, taken by Amy Whitlock. You can check out her FB page.

Brant Lee Croucher is a talented songwriter as well as vocalist. Whether you sit at a table in the local bar or pop the CD into the player of your rig, his voice creates a yearning for things lost and those yet to be found. Unlike many of the other nominees we'll discuss over the coming weeks, Brant is not up for any other award this year. If his debut album, Old Denton Road, is any indication of what's to come then this is only a prelude of what we can expect on this journey.

Like a lot of entertainers, Brant thought Nashville was the place to take his music. In my estimation he did two things right in that portion of his career. He learned from the experience and came back home to Texas. Personally, I feel that is the best move he could have made. It's okay to explore what's out there, but in this case the nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year proves, 'you can go home again'.

Country Blessings!