Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of my friends a safe journey into the new year!

I'll see you next week!

Country Blessings

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my friends!

I hope this holiday season is full of the love of family and friends.

I look forward to all 2010 has in store for us.
Country Bessings

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Want to be a Successful Writer?

Yes you heard me right. I'm talking writing today. After all, if the words were never put onto paper, how did we come about some of the great songs of our time?

Aside from being a talented musician and songwriter, W.C. Jameson ( is an award-winning author. With over sixty books to his credit and a vast amount of magazine articles and essays marking his career, W. C. knows what it takes to see your name on a book jacket or byline. And like most authors I've met, he's happy to share his tips and tricks with you.

In his book - Want to be a Successful Writer? Do This Stuff - ( W.C doesn't talk about grammar, punctuation, plotting, or any of the technical stuff. What he does talk about are the qualities every successful writer must have to make it in this business. Those same qualities apply to other aspects of your artistic life. Whether you are a musician, a painter or a paper artists, if you want to rise above 'hobby status', you need to adopt these basic characteristics.

If your goal is to be published or have a recording contract in the new year, I recommend you read this book. And when you're through, drop a comment here and let me know how it helps you live your dream.

Angel's Blessings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buddy Case

Nothing beats an evening with good friends and great music and last Friday night was no exception. I was attending the Ozark Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Buddy Case
was our featured entertainment for Friday evening. Man, if you’ve never heard this man perform you are missing out on life.

Whether he is solely picking an instrumental on his guitar or singing along, his music is pure magic. Not only is he one of the most accomplished pickers of his time but he writes songs about the everyday things, turning them into a special event you want to experience.
His most recent CD, Citizen of the World is a showcase of some of the best music I’ve ever heard Buddy perform. Whether he’s singing Ghost of Gettysburg or a remake of Georgia On My Mind, there isn’t a tune on this album to disappoint you. If you’re getting in the holiday spirit, check out his Christmas album while you’re on his music site. White Christmas is beautifully done as only Buddy can pick it.

And when it comes to performing, Buddy knows how to do it right. He and his wife, Karen, have built their home around their passion for sharing his talent as well as that of musical friends they’ve made along the way. The Loft concerts bring in some of the best mix of true country and blues players for a weekend of picking and performing. With plenty of food and good times to share and any monies raised go to the Big Creek Ranch where he teaches guitar lessons for a new generation of musicians.

Stop by Buddy’s website and say hi, or next time you’re down Enola, AR way look him up. It will be the best musical time you’ve ever experienced.

Country Blessings

Saturday, August 29, 2009

7th Annual Fandango at Luckenbach

Pack your bags! I can't think of a better way to wind down the summer than with a trip to Luckenbach Texas!

During the weekend of Sept. 11-13th you'll find awesome entertainment, a little partying (okay, maybe a lot) and good friends.

Here's what Mike Blakely and friends have in store for the 7th Annual Fandango at Luckenbach:
6:00 - Jimmy Adams and Friends
7:00 - Jeff Posey
8:00 - Kim Carson
9:00 - Davin James
10:00 - Debbie Walton
11:00 - John Arthur Martinez

1:00- Duke Davis & Buckshot
2:00- Steven Fromholz, Bob Livingston, & Mike Blakely
3:00 - Pauline Reese
4:00 - The Hudsons
5:00 - Shotgun Party
6:00 - W.C. Jameson & Buddy Case
7:00 - Tina Mitchell Wilkins
8:00 - Randy Brown
9:00 - Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros
10:00 - Tommy Alverson
11:00 - Mike Blakely & The Whiskey Traders

12:00 - 3:00 Book signing featuring a dozen Texas authors & music with some of those authors
1:00- Cowboy Church with TMR
2:00 - W.C. Jameson & Mike Blakely
3:00 - Bobby Bridger
4:00 - Buzz Carson - hit songwriter from Nashville

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remembering Les Paul

Sad news reached my mail box over the weekend. The legendary Les Paul had passed away. In doing some digging in my personal research sources, I was surprised to find Les Paul was not mentioned in either of my Country Music Encyclopedias.

I know when many think of Les Paul, they think the outstanding Les Paul guitars artists longed to have. If a man wanted to play guitar, you can bet he hungered to own an honest to goodness Les Paul. Not cheap by any means. And I think to some, if they could afford one they thought they were on their way to great things.

Les Paul wasn't just about guitars. He was a magician and a pioneer in using multi-tracks in the recording studio. What he couldn't do with a guitar, he did in the studio. His talents spread across genres and generations.

I have to wonder who will ever contribute so much to music and leave such a lasting impression on the industry the way he did.

But then it's impossible to replace a legend.

Play on Les Paul!

Country Blessings!

Monday, June 1, 2009


That's the title of the new Collin Raye CD.

This man never ceases to amaze me. I have to cover my you-know-what by admitting I'll be the first to say Collin Raye isn't country - at least not the basic country I want to promote here. So you might ask why I'm showcasing him this week. I have enjoyed his music since the early days of his career and am honored to have the opportunity to review his new CD. It has been almost four years since Collin released an album and in my estimation, too long. Welcome back, Collin!

NEVER GOING BACK has Collin's mark on every note. Even the remakes of WITHOUT YOU and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU are reminiscent of the sounds of his earlier CDs. SHE'S ALL THAT (from his TRACKS CD) would be just as much at home on this album as it's original release.

I have to admit when I first heard him perform his first single from the CD - MIDLIFE CHRYSLER -(performed on Huckabee's show), I was petrified of doing this review. I've always loved Collin's music and frankly, his live performance didn't make me anxious to purchase the CD. I've seen him in concert many times but this performance wasn't the style I remember. I was trying to figure out how I was going to say something positive about a CD from a man who's career I've never been able to give anything but praise. It was like he was screaming or trying too hard. But being the Collin Raye fan I've always been, I had to buy the CD and give it an honest listen. I was AMAZED at the difference between the TV performance and the recorded version.

I can't give this album a Cowboy Hat rating because it isn't country. But if you like a good ballad or were ever a Collin Raye fan, you want this album! If you buy it at Walmart, you get two bonus tracks - HELPING HANDS and FAITHFULLY.

If you want to find out where to catch Collin on tour or read about HALEY'S HELPERS - an organization founded for children with an undiagnosed disease like his 8-year-old granddaughter - check out his website...

Gearing up!

Just a note of thanks to all of you for your patience during my brief stint of MIA. My daughter and granddaughter moved in with us back in March and a new routine in the household has been an adjustment. I'm use to having the house to myself 3 weeks at a shot, with only the animals for company. But I'm back and ready to further the journey with all of you.

Country Blessings!

Monday, April 27, 2009

TMA Congrats!

The TMA's brought many happy faces last night.
CONGRATULATIONS to Wade Bowen for Male Vocalist of the Year.
Record of the Year went to Jerry Audley for Lucky Me, Lonely You.
Michael Martin Murphy accepted Entertainer of the Year.

You can check out all the winners at

I wish all of the nominees could have won! The great thing about these award things is there's always next year. Hopefully I'll have a house seat next year and can bring you all the results live via Twitter.

Country Blessings!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michael Martin Murphy

This week we take a look at our final nominee for Entertainer of the Year at the Texas Music Assoc. Awards (April 26th). He might be last on the list but by no means less important. Some might even say I saved the best for last.

According to Richard W. Slatta (The Cowboy Encyclopedia - W.W. Norton and Company), Michael Martin Murphy is a bona fide western singer. I couldn't agree more! Murphy blazed a trail for western singers, expanding the listening audience for cowboy music without leaving the campfire glow behind.

Murphy grew up listening to and singing cowboy songs around a campfire. In the 1960s, he headed to UCLA to study Greek/Latin/Roman history. He felt a connection with the traveling minstrels so wanted to learn more about those who had wandered before him. He still loves history, sharing snippets of his knowledge in his shows.

Although he had released his first album in 1972, I first heard Michael Martin Murphy in the early 80s. What's Forever For is just one romantic ballad from his self-titled album released in 1981. A romantic cowboy! What more could a girl ask for?

When the cowboy poetry movement surged in the 1980s, Murphy jumped in. He came an evangelist of sorts for the cowboy movement. One of his most known endeavors is WestFest. A woodstock for cowboys, WestFest takes place in Copper Mountain, Co.

Aside from being a nominee at the TMAs this year, Michael is also MC and will be in concert following the awards presentation.

If you have the opportunity to attend the awards show, please post here and tell us who you met and what your highs/lows of the evening were. Until then...

Country Blessings

Friday, April 3, 2009

Word Gets Around

When I began this blog several weeks ago, I then made the jump to twitter. I thought tweeting would be a good way to get the word out about my blogs. Some really awesome people have found me because of it and led me to some really cool places. Places like LoneStar Music. So as well as TheCountryAngel blog, I have a slightly more personal page over at LonesStar Music. You'll get a feel for the type of music I listen to and be able to chat.
You can check it out here...

Hope to see you 'round

Country Blessings

Congrats to Wade Bowen

Big Congratulations to Wade Bowen for his Double-Play.
Wade took home Best Vocal Performance - Album and Best Album
Both awards were for his If We Ever Make It Home

You can check out this awesome album at

You can see a pic of Wade with is guitar awards at

Could it be his LoneStar night is a premonition to what we can expect at the TMA's this month?
Stay tuned!

Country Blessings

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Remembering Dan Seals

March 25, 2009 marked an end of the life for one of the most down to earth people in the music industry.

One look at a picture of Dan Seals’ smiling face and you know he was genuine.
From way before his early career as part of England Dan and John Ford Coley to his days on the country music charts, Dan Seals’ heart never skipped a beat when it came to people. With a career spanning four decades in both the pop and country venues, Dan touched everyone he met with his music and his compassion. No one was a stranger.

My first memory of Dan Seals came in 1976. The lyrics for "I’d Really Love To See You Tonight" and their follow-up hit ‘Nights Are Forever Without You’ struck a chord with American teenagers in love. "It’s Sad To Belong to Someone Else" still rotates on my play list when I’m working on a romance novel.

In the 1980’s Dan moved onto the country charts as a solo artist (Bop and All That Glitters) and as a duo with Marie Osmond (Meet Me In Montana). These hits showed a cowboy side of Dan, the Texas born and bred man his family knew existed all along. In recent years, Dan was touring with his son, Jimmy.

Like any legendary cowboy, Dan was all about making the world a better place to live. On the links I visited in researching forgotten memories, one quote kept reappearing on the pages…
The earth is but one country and
mankind its citizens

Dan left behind a loving wife—Andi, their four children-- Jimmy, Jeremy, Holley, Jesse. Seven grandchildren-- Megan, Abby, Zachery, Ruby, Kathrine, Robert and Luca. His brothers Jimmy (of Seals & Croft), and Eddie (Eddie and Joe) and his sister, Renee are also among his close-knit family left to remember the tender soul who touched so many of us.

Please take a moment to visit his web page
and send a memory to his family.

Country Blessings, Dan, on your journey.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Added notes

I owe a heartfelt apology to John Evans and his crew. Aside from being nominated for TMA Entertainer of the Year, John is also up for Producer of the Year for Lucky 13, along with his co-producer, Steve Christensen. And Lucky 13 is up for Album of the Year.

Thanks John for letting me make the correction.
Country Blessings!

Kelly McGuire

This week we take a look at a music genre I'd never heard of before. But again, that's the beauty of what I do. I like to learn new things and Kelly McGuire has a fun sound to share. His music is categorized as Trop Rock. Okay. So why is this man nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the Texas Music Awards? Or better yet, why is a country blog talking about a Trop Rock performer?

As a writer, I've learned that regardless of what I write, I am influenced by all types of genres. I even find myself crossing into one of the sub-categories of romance from time to time. It doesn't mean I'm not a romance author. It says I am adaptable. Kelly McGuire is adaptable. Be it to what he loves to play, what his audience enjoys or a combination of the two, Kelly is playing good music.

The TMA blurb about Kelly McGuire compares him to Jimmy Buffet. Sitting here listening to 'Nautical Man' from his "Front Row Ticket" album , I'm hearing more of a 'cry-in-your-beer' tone with a lilt of Kenny Rogers' Lucille. Not the sound I anticipated when I read the term Trop Rock, but a good tune.

Whatever you call it, Kelly McGuire is nominated for being among the best in his field. He's here for good reason and I send him...

Country Blessings

Friday, March 6, 2009

John Evans Band

This week we continue our introductions of the nominees for Entertainer of the Year at the 2009 Texas Music Awards.

The John Evans Band showcases a mix of Rock-a-billy, swing and rock. If you dig Buddy Holly tunes or go all gooey remembering the King, you’ll be a quick-study fan of John Evans and his crew. Whether you’re ready to swing it or polish the belt buckle in a smooth groove, John Evans delivers with every song. Their talent and dedication makes JEB a tough contender for the 2009 TMA Entertainer of the Year.

Check out their website at:
Til next week..
Country Blessings!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wade Bowen

Aside from my friend Mike Blakely and the legendary Michael Martin Murphy, I had never heard of any of the other nominees. The neat thing about doing what I do, is I am introduced to some awesome talent. This week is no exception.

I’m showcasing Wade Bowen. Wade’s category is listed as alternative country. Not only is he up for Entertainer of the Year, but he is also up for Male Vocalist of the Year and "You Had Me At My Best" is nominated for Record of the Year.

Listening to sound clips from various recordings I’m taken back to a smoke-filled bar in a far-corner booth and my date for the evening. Wade’s music makes for perfect background to private conversation over a cold long-neck.

Wade isn’t new to the music scene. His single "God Bless This Town" went to the top of the Texas Music Chart while its video was a Top 20 debut on CMT and spent several weeks at #1 on CMT’s Pure Country 12 Pack countdown. He has also toured with Lee Ann Womack
Wade is as talented a songwriter as he is a guitar player.

Take time to check out his homepage – Listen to the jukebox selections. You won’t be disappointed.

Til next week
Country Blessings

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Texas Music Awards

One of my dearest Texas friends is western author and musician, Mike Blakely. The talent in this man is phenomenal. A few years ago, Mike made the decision to step away from being a 'cover band' and work hard on his own music. He's done it in a big way.

I can't pick a favorite CD or single. Every thing the man writes and sings weaves a spell. His latest cd - The Rarest of the Breed has been nominated for Album of the Year by the Texas Music community and Mike is up for Entertainer of the Year! You can check out the list of other nominees at

When not writing music, Mike is penning novels. His career began with western novels and he has been the recipient of the Spur Award - given by Western Writers of America. In September of 2008, he released A Tale Out of Luck, co-written with Texas music legend Willie Nelson. He is currently working on his first non-western novel which he is co-writing with Kenny Rogers.

Mike is genuine cowboy talent. Next time you find yourself down Marble Falls way, look for a crowd of people and good music. Chances are Mike and his friends are in the center of the mix.

Stop by his website Pick up a CD or two. And while you're at it, drop him a note. He loves to hear from his fans.

Cowboy Blessings


Welcome to Kelly's Country.

Several years ago, thanks to a trucker on a long stretch of highway somewhere between Arkansas and Virginia, I was given the CB handle - The Country Angel. I've always loved the name and turned it into Country Angel Promotions when I began doing freelance work for local bands during the 80's and 90's.

The Country Angel is back, with a little different slant. I'll be showcasing all things in country entertainment. You'll meet western authors and musicians from all across the country. I'll try not to focus too much on the Texas music movement, but it is my favorite so you've been warned. :-)

Our first trip will take you to the Texas Music Awards. Over the next few weeks we'll be talking about some of the nominees. I'll provide links to websites where available.

I hope you'll visit often and share your comments.
Cowboy Blessings