Sunday, January 29, 2017

SUPER SATURDAY - Bonus! - Country Family Reunion

I'm a big fan of Country Family Reunion and what the program stands for. Bill Anderson and Larry Black spearhead this phenomenal gathering of true artists in country music.

I've interviewed Bill Anderson on several occasions and spent time with Larry Black - even being mistaken for his daughter. (An honor I would accept with pride - but NO, we are not related)

So when this Country Family Reunion Special Offer came through my email, I wanted to share it with you guys on this new segment of Kelly'sCountry. However, we are on a time crunch with Valentine's Day (the PFI post yesterday) and the deadline for this offer from Country Family Reunion.  The offer below expires on February 9th!

Country's Family Reunion Ultimate Collection - Product details
Courtesy of Country Family Reunion

For a limited time only - you can purchase this collection for
$99.80 - a Savings of $20!

If you love Country Music as much as I do, then you will want this collection in your own video library to watch whenever you want.

 to be taken to the Country Family Reunion website where you'll get the full scoop.

Country Blessings!

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Last fall I had the honor of interviewing Randy, Paul and Collin... three core members of the BootDaddy family. Family is the keyword. Everyone works together as a family to make their company the best in the Western world. And they treat their customers like family from the moment you walk in the door.

PFI Western has been in business for over 40 years... literally starting with No Money!

You can check out the full story in this video:

In the next few weeks I'll be bringing you some of the interview as I prep the full version for publication in a future issue of Saddlebag Dispatches magazine. 

I will also be networking with PFI over the coming months to help promote some of the fantastic events they coordinate every year. One such event is a major change to their annual Party In The Parking Lot. The event has become so well received over the years that it has outgrown the PFI parking lot! So this year they are offering the same AWESOME experience at a much larger venue. Stay tuned here and on our Twitter accounts... @kellyscountry and @ and on their FB account.

To return the generosity of the folks at PFI, I will be showcasing some of their upcoming specials on top quality product.

I hope you will visit them at PFI - Springfield MO. Plan several hours to take everything in. If you can't visit, then hope over to the WEBSITE for the ultimate in on-line shopping experience for all your Western Wear needs & gifts. 

Please, tell them you heard about them on KellysCountry

Country Blessings!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


When you've reviewed as many albums I have over the past several years, finding fresh words to inspire  a reader to add the cd to their collection becomes increasingly different. There are only so many adjectives in the English language. The challenge becomes more difficult when you review albums by the same artist from year to year. THIS MUCH IS TRUE  of this week's Turntable Tuesday.

Just when I think Byrd and Street can't top their previous release, they get more creative. Like an author who writes one best seller after another, Byrd and Street bring us something new and beautiful - while maintaining true to their voice. 

Like the cover, the music is simplistic yet deep. Each track flows seamlessly from one to another clear as a mountain stream flowing over a bed of rock and sand gathering the nuances of the artists whom have influenced them along the way. Voices such as Lyle Lovett, Pete Seeger, Peter Paul and Mary.

THIS MUCH IS TRUE is an artistic look at America. From Eighty Dollar Guitar, A Man With A Cardboard Sign to Mighty Long Road, Watch The River Flow and the classic Shenandoah. Each of the fourteen tracks form the Kumbaya of our time. 

For the relaxing simplicity of  each tune, perfect for a background loop when I'm working, I'm tipping my hat:

You can catch up with Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street - otherwise known as Byrd & Street as well as purchase information for the CD... 

Tommy - FB
Kathy - FB

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I know I'm not suppose to be here for another month but when two amazing CDs show up in your mail box right after Christmas, some things just can't wait.

By Jeff Posey

I first introduced you to Jeff  'Wildhorse' Posey back in 2014. You can read that Out of the Chute post HERE.

Jeff Posey lives and breathes the Cowboy/ Americana way of life, honing his ability to craft a song anyone will enjoy. As I listened to REDEMPTION, I had this overwhelming sense to want to be sitting at a campfire with a cup of hot coffee, the stars twinkling like diamonds against the velvet sky overhead as Jeff strummed his guitar and shared his life through music.  Jeff takes you on a journey away from the everyday while introducing you to everyday people, places and events. 

On track 2, Jeff talks about the Lady of the Llano with her bottle tree. Along with bottle trees, this one with gazing balls graces a yard in Llano Texas. While I do not know if it's the same one that inspired the song, I was reminded of this artsy community and this picture I took on a past trip to Llano. 

Jeff introduces us to people like Maria in Boxcars of Reynosa and projects like the Wildhorse Redemption, an organization in Colorado that pairs wild horses with soon-to-be-released inmates. Jeff doesn't write songs... he tells stories.

Here's a preview of the title track:

I've only touched on a couple of the fourteen tracks that make this an amazing new piece of Americana music. As in the past, Jeff brought some of the best in the genre to help him bring his stories to life. Walt Wilkins, Larry Nye, Mike Blakely, Kurt Baumer, Lloyd Maines, BB Morse, Gary P. Nunn, John M. Greenberg, Ray Rodriguez,  Bill Small all add instrumental talents. Mike Blakely and Tina Wilkins provide harmony vocals. Larry Nye and Walt Wilkins also produced the album.

If there is a theme to REDEMPTION, it is the magic in the story. Help yourself to a cup of coffee, settle back and be inspired to slow down and have Faith in the Shadow within to share your own story in some way. 

I'm giving REDEMPTION a high: 

You can catch up with Jeff Posey through his: