Sunday, September 12, 2010


There are times in life when some things just have to come first. In the case of the past eight months that some thing was actually a 'someone' - my granddaughter. When her mom moved to Nashville in January on a job hunt, I had the blessed duty of caring for my two-year-old granddaughter. Two year olds take a lot of time and attention. She wasn't any trouble, this grandma just chose to put her first... a decision I will never regret. We've become best friends and now that she's living in Nashville, she tells mommy every day she misses grandma. ;-) You can't ask for better love than that.

While she was here, I chose not to work. I kept an ear to what was going on with some of my friends in the Texas music industry, but writing about their adventures was not on the top of my list.

On July 4th, my daughter spirited my angel six hours away and with the exception of a short visit, the house has been really quiet without her chatter, giggles and constant activity. But it also meant I could get back to business. Slowly, I've been putting the house back in order and deciding where I want to go next.

I know that I do not want to lose The Country Angel. True country music has always been important to me and so with this post, I pick up the pieces to make The Country Angel what I intended it to be from the beginning. So every Wednesday will find me here letting you know who's doing what in Texas music. I've put out the call that I hope to bring you music reviews along with spotlight what some of our old friends are up to and introducing you to new faces to our place.

So grab a cold one and kick back. I promise you'll be glad you hung around.
Country Blessings