Tuesday, March 16, 2021



Hi everyone. Welcome back to KellysCountry!

I've had cd's coming through the mail but haven't been able to find a working groove. For some reason, getting in step this year seems tougher than all of the 2020 fiasco. That said, I think I'm getting omfortable in the saddle again and hope you'll come along. 

I've still not decided how to resurrect The Party List. I am fearful of posting a LIVE gig that winds up falling through at the last minute. I am thinking of posting an artist's list each week for you to check out their schedule and make your own decisions. I will know for sure by the first Thursday in April so hang in there!

In the mean time, it is time to see what's on the Virtual Turntable this week... and it's a goody!

RIVER/ BLOOD by Stefan Prigmore is a DIGITAL ONLY album with nine tracks. Something I don't see often is how well the album cover represents the content. 

Stefan Prigmore is a true storyteller. From Taming Monsters to Brazos in My Bones and everything in between is gritty, soulful and as deep as the Brazos - from his heart. 

If you're a mind, grab a drink and a smoke then sit back, close your eyes and let Stefan Prigmore take you on a journey into your own soul. 

Stefan has this to say about his music:
I believe in simple delivery of honest concepts, and apply this to my music. My father is also a professional musician and has been my greatest influence, welcoming me onstage from an early age to play along with various groups over the years on teeth-cutting songs such as "Silverwings", "Amarillo By Morning", and "Stormy Monday". He also raised my brothers and I to be outdoorsmen; camping, fishing, and hunting at every opportunity; which continues to shape the artist I am today. A moment alone with nature, or the right song, can settle tempest hearts, and I think the joys of life are most often found in simple moments.

RIVER/ BLOOD is THE album you will remember for a lifetime.
Based on the fact that this is as 'digital only' (I still like a real CD or album in my hands) , I'm tipping my hat...

You'll find Stefan on the various social media streams. 


Stefan has a playlist on YouTube of 'live' performances he's proud of. I've selected one for you here:

Country Blesssings!
~ Kelly


Monday, March 1, 2021

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Special Fundraiser Announcement

 Good morning, friends.

I was planning to have Max Flinn in the chute today but he's tied up in Nashville and hasn't gotten the Q & A back to me so I'll be moving him to a future post.

I'm a strong believer in all things happen for a reason - though I have to tell you, sometimes I find myself asking "what's the reason".

I do know that this week, that reason is so I could feature a special fundraiser for K. R. Wood aka Camp Cookie.  K. R. is in need of a liver transplant. His buddy Michael Martin Murphey put a great concert on Facebook back on February 17th  during his Lone Cowboy Hour to bring attention to K. R.'s plight and his Go Fund Me page. They are almost $13,000 shy of their $40,000 goal. 

I am asking all of my followers & friends to ride on over to that Go Fund Me page and help out a fellow cowboy. 

Country Blessings