Friday, March 7, 2014

TEXAS MUSIC AWARDS - Musician of the Year & Live Band of the Year.

So the Musicians of the Year nominees did not get lost in The Party List post, I chose to combine them with Live Band of the Year.

Musician of the Year
Musicians keep the artist on track and often get to showcase their own style. Many have gone on to solo careers - or are the musician and the lead artist in one.

Here are the nominees for Musician of the Year:

for Alive and Well
Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone

for The Awakening
Chapter 11

JT Pinkham
for Revolution
Jason Helms Band

for Hazepipe
Mark Searcy

David Stockton
for Beautiful Sin
Scott Taylor Band

Live Band of the Year
Listening to the music of our favorite artists on the radio or from our various player devices is great. But nothing beats being at a live show. You feel every vibrating chord, every pulsing beat and know that every word is speaking to you. The band that can do this has earned their place in this category.

College Station TX

Hope AR

Burnet TX

Jewett TX

Victoria TX

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