Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Bill Anderson - "Life"

I have been a fan of Bill Anderson and his music abilities for most of my life. For his new album, LIFE, Bill teamed up with great songwriters to bring us another unforgettable collection of classics, serving up a variety of slices from life. In true Bill Anderson style, some songs on this CD are fun while others will bring a tear to your eye. 

   The first track, Bubba Garcia's, shows the fun side of Bill Anderson. He co-wrote the song with Buddy Cannon and Jamey Johnson. Willie Nelson brings a bit of Tex-Mex flavor to the track. John Anderson lends his voice to Rhinestone Grindstone, giving us an insight to real life on the road for a performer who's been doing this awhile.
   The romantic side of Bill Anderson we know and love comes through on She Could Ruin My Life, A Song Like This (with Vince Gill), In Another Life, Blackberry Winter and When You Love Me. Dailey & Vincent bring their harmonies to Dreams Are Easy to Come By, adding a bluegrass flavor to an album overflowing with amazing talent in the songwriters and special guests Bill chose to work with. And no album by Bill Anderson reflecting life would be complete without his 'Whisperin' signature. Bill teamed up with Joey + Rory for a fun play on communication in a relationship.
  As is true of life, Old Army Hat brings us full circle. On an album where we've laughed, loved and reminisced I doubt there will be a dry eye for anyone listening to this tribute to the soldiers who've sacrificed so much down through the generations. When Bill Anderson performed this song on Larry's Country Diner, I knew I had to have this album... and I'll bet you will too. I've included the YouTube video. 

If you want to know more about the story behind the songs, check out Bill Anderson's YouTube channel or view on his website

LIFE is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com as well as through Bill Anderson's website. 

 + 1/2

Country Blessings

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