Wednesday, February 10, 2016

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - Amelia Earhart - Beyond the Grave

I have always been interested in Amelia Earhart. I always thought of her as a feisty, headstrong woman. She was portrayed as such in the movie, Amelia, with Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. As with most movies, the script was nothing like the facts. I need to watch the movie again but I do not recall any of the conspiracy theories that abound with her famous 'around the world' flight attempt.

In Amelia Earhart - Beyond the Grave, W. C. Jameson covers a myriad of those theories. He breaks down each one, and in his professional style, backs up his findings with facts he has uncovered in his thorough research.

While there is a variation in the theories, the core to all of them is a government conspiracy to use her flight as a spy mission.

As I read each of the theories, I discovered one of my own I can not wait to discuss with the author when we have the opportunity to sit and chat.

While W.C. Jameson has become a dear friend over the past twenty-five years, I am always amazed at the way he looks at things and where his 'what if' thoughts lead him.

If you thought you knew the story if that infamous flight of 1937, I encourage you to read  Amelia Earhart - Beyond the Grave and see if you don't come up with your own thoughts. When you do, I hope you will post them here.

For insight, research and thought provoking read, I am giving Amelia Earhart - Beyond the Grave by W. C. Jameson:


Other books by W.C. Jameson can be found on his Amazon Page

W.C. Jameson is the author of over ninety books, as well as the creator and author of the 'Beyond the Grave' series and 'Treasure Hunt' series, 1500 magazine articles and has appeared as an expert consultant on several history documentaries.  He is also an established poet, songwriter and musician. He resides in Texas with his wife.

You can read more about W.C. Jameson on his WEBSITE

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