Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Letting Go... Slow - Lorrie Morgan

From the time Lorrie Morgan stepped on the Opry stage at the age of 13 she has been living what most would call 'the Dream'. Her first three albums as well as her Greatest Hits all went Platinum. She has also had three Gold albums. Country fans voted her TNN/Music City News Female Vocalist of the Year in 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998! She continued her frantic recording pace steadily from 2002 - 2010. Her lavish Enchanted Christmas production played well at the Opryland Resort and onto the road in 2014. As if that were not enough to keep her busy, she has been touring with Pam Tillis for their Grits & Glamor tour. 

Lorrie sums her 'dream life' up best - 

I have been a daughter, a bride, a mother, a divorcee, a widow, a single mother, a grandmother, a breadwinner, and, ultimately  a survivor. it seems, in may ways, I am a living, breathing country song, and I know what I sing."

Lorrie Morgan is as country as they come. Her latest compilation - her first in five years - is no exception. In LETTING GOT... SLOW, she has kept the classic feel of the cover tunes while adding just a pinch of herself. A true tribute album that leaves you believing they all could have easily been Lorrie Morgan originals.

The twelve track album includes a mix of the Lorrie sass and grit we expect with a deeper sense of soul in classics like Strange, (Patsy Cline - written by Fred Burch and Mel Tillis), Ode to Billie Joe (Bobby Gentry),  Is It Raining At Your House (Vern Gosdin, Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon), I've Done Enough Dying Today (Larry Gatlin), and Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan). 

Slow (Ashlee Hewitt, Dean Sams, Onja rose), Spilt Milk (Kristina Train , James Hogarth, Francis White), Jesus & Hairspray (Katie Kessler, Donald Poythress), Lonely Whiskey (Paul Sikes, Jenifer Zuffinetti), What I'd Say (Robert Bellarmine Byrne, William Soule Robinson), and How Does It Feel (Mark Oliverius, Loretta Lynn Morgan, Kelly Lang) balance the album out, adding to nuances Lorrie Morgan and her producer, Richard Landis, wanted to bring out in this monumental album.

Lorrie says, "I didn't want this to be just another album. I wanted it to be something that really moved me... It was very important to me for this album to reflect the things that I am feeling today."

In my opinion, she has accomplished what she set out to do in true Lorrie Morgan fashion. The one word that kept coming to my mind as I listened to this album was 'MATURE'. While Lorrie's music has always been a 'grown -up' style, the over-all essence of Letting Go.. Slow is almost a therapeutic response to the pain she carries inside. I feel Lorrie Morgan has finally come to terms with everything life has thrown at her over the years and is truly letting go. Letting Go... Slow is a breath of fresh air. 

I am tipping my hat


LETTING GO... SLOW released Febraury 12th. You can pick up your copy HERE.

Throwing back to one of my sister's favorite Lorrie Morgan tunes, here's a YouTube to get you snapping your fingers:

 You can catch up with Lorrie Morgan via her:

Her Tour Schedule is available on her Website and is featured frequently on my Thursday's blog post - The Party List 

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