Thursday, April 27, 2017

THE PARTY LIST - April 27- May 3

Note: Please remember to check with the venue as to whether or not there is a cover charge or ticket required for the shows you plan to attend. Also, some venues have an age restriction. I have provided links to the venues when possible, making it easy for you to check it out.
Not all events take place in Texas. With that in mind I will begin listing them not only by day but by TEXAS and ON THE ROAD. With that in mind…

Let’s Get This Party STARTED!

Thursday – 27
Susan Gibson – Round Up in Boerne – Boerne
Byrd & Street – Anderson Fair - Houston

Friday – 28
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Melody Mountain Ranch – Stephenville
Thomas Michael Riley – Larry Joe Taylor Festival
Johnny Lee – Bloomin’ Temple Fest – Temple
Byrd & Street – Friends Uncorked – Friendswood
Libby Koch – Poodie’s – Spicewood
Aaron Einhouse – Poodie’s – Spicewood

Saturday – 29
Scott Taylor Band – Coupland Dance Hall – Coupland
Pauline Reese – Love and War – Lindale
            Acoustic Trio
Terri Hendrix – Central TX Medial Orchestra – Austin
            /w Lloyd Maines
Tessy Lou  – Fifi’s – San Angelo
Johnny Lee – Sylvan Beach Park – La Porte
Byrd & Street – Nancy & Joel’s House Concert – League City
            Info/ RSVP -

Sunday – 30
Susan Gibson – The River House – New Braunfels
Randy Brown – Longhorn Saloon – Ft. Worth
Tessy Lou – Poodie’s – Spicewood
Thomas Michael Riley – Luckenbach
Libby Koch – Arhaven House Concerts - Austin

Monday – May 1

Tuesday – 2
Mike Blakely – Burger Burger – Fredricksburg
Randy Brown Band – Railhead BBQ – Willow Park
            /w Shane Smith & The Saints

Wednesday  – 3
Mike Blakely – On the Rocks – Cottonwood Shores
            /w john Arthure martinez & Kurt Baumer
Scott Taylor Band – Moonshine Drinkery – Victoria
Bellamy Brothers – Rolling 7s Ranch Event Center - Odessa

Thursday – 27
Rhonda Vincent – Opry Country Classics – Nashville TN
Texas Tenors  Starlight Theatre – Branson MO
Marc Broussard – Festival International – Lafayette LA
Little Texas – Silverton Casino Hotel – Las Vegas NV

Friday – 28
Tanya Tucker – Las Cruces Music Festival – Las Cruces NM
Ricky Skaggs – Grand Ole Opry – Nashville TN
Rhonda Vincent – First United Methodist Church – Marysville OH
Texas Tenors  Starlight Theatre – Branson MO
Oak Ridge Boys – Hoosier Park Racing & Casino – Anderson IN
Ragged Union - FoCoMx -Avagadro's Number - Ft. Collins CO

Saturday – 29
Tanya Tucker – Pima County Fair – Tucson AZ
Ricky Skaggs – Grand Ole Opry – Nashville TN
Rhonda Vincent – Davie Co. Arts Council - Mocksville NC
Oakridge Boys – Bearcreek Memories Dinner Theatre – Celina OH
Marc Broussard – New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival – New Orleans LA

Sunday – 30
Marc Broussard – Mississippi Coliseum – Biloxi MS
            Crawfish Music Festival

Monday – May 1

Tuesday – 2
Texas Tenors – Merryman Performing Arts Center – Kearney NE
Rodney Crowell – Keswick Theatre – Glenside PA
            /w Jerry Douglas, Aly Bain
Jimmy Fortune – Starlight Theatre – Branson MO

Wednesday – 3
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Uptown Grill Playlist Theatre – LaSalle IL

Texas Tenors – Midwest Theater – Scottsbluff NE

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Rich Price - Western Songs

Running Out of the Chute today due to unforseen issues on his end, preventing us from running on Monday. Thank you for your patience.

While doing my interview with Rex Allen, Jr for the articles on him and his dad for Saddlebag Dispatches magazine, I became acquainted with Rex's media rep, Jennifer Herron. In turn, I've been introduced to other talented folks keeping a 'lost art' alive. Folks like, Rich Price.

Let's open the chute....

"When western is marketed properly, I believe that the westen product is an elegant product that is easy to market, and is a product that all mankind is proud of." ~ Rich Price

1 – How old were you when you wrote your first song and has that one been recorded?
I was thirteen when I wrote my first song, Santa Fe Special, and it was recorded for Adonda  records and is in Adonda's third Rich Price Album, "The Singing Sierran, Rich Price, Western Songs."

2 – How did you get the gig at Yosemite? Can you tell us about the ‘interview’ experience?
I spent four summers working at Yosemite National Park as a singing cowboy during my college years at the University of California, Berkeley, California. I was able to obtain that position by using as a reference the invitation to return to my previous summer position which was working as a singing cowboy and trail guide in Northern California's Feather River Canyon and Trinity Alps mountain area.

3 – What do you think it is about country/ western music that draws the attention and fandom of countries like China, Switzerland, etc?
I think that country and western music draws the attention and fandom of countries like China and Switzerland with its wide range of appeal because the music appeals to and addresses what is important to the human mind, the idea that your dreams can come true if you work for what you believe in no matter what the odds are against you. It sings of and teaches that you can succeed and win if you are courageous and brave, and unrelenting in your willingness to prevail, regardless of the odds that are against you.

4 – Many service men who are also musicians often perform during their tour of service. Did you perform during your tour in the Army? Did your time of enlistment enrich your songwriting or performing?
As a service man who was also a "singing cowboy", my tour of duty did enrich my songwriting and performing by giving me the gift of meeting folks at Fort Benning's Infantry School in Georgia, and Fort Holabird's Intelligence School in Maryland, and with tours of duty at Fort Lawton, Washington, and at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C..I ended my military service as a Major, and treasure each place and person that  I met and with whom I spent time, and who gave me memories and feelings that helped create many songs.

5 – As an author, I’ve often heard that Western doesn’t sell. Have you heard something similar? And if so, how do you respond?
I have also heard the concept "western doesn't sell". And from the little I have written above, my answer is probably obvious in that "western" to me is "life itself".  I think that you first have to define what is meant by western. I think in this regard, the western that people defined as 'western that wouldn't sell", was that western that people thought was unsophistocated, or corny. I think that that impression came about by the way that western was sometimes marketed. In the past, western music was often referred to and marketed as "hillbilly music", and that terminology and impression gave the music and performers that image

When western is marketed properly, I believe that the westen product is an elegant product that is easy to market, and is a product that all mankind is proud of. Western is a way of life. The image of the "American Cowboy can be seen in the eyes of every little boy and every little girl." Western is a synonym of the spirit of the freedom of mankind. Western is easily marketed and accepted when it is presented in the way that Roy Rogers and Gene Autry are marketed. They are marketed in a worldly, dignified way. I think that what I am trying to share is that I feel that "western" is a way of life. It is a concept that is reflected in the essence of what a person is.

6 – You grew up in the Silver Screen Cowboy era. I’m old enough to remember playing cowboys and Indians on my bike with the neighbor boy. What was it about the cowboy/ western era that still attracts folks after all these years?
I did grow up in the silver screen cowboy era, and I think that the philosophies that were portrayed on the silver screen were teachings of a wholesome, moral way to live that in most ways exemplify what America stands for and represents in reality to the world. I think "the cowboy way" in many ways is also synonyomous with many of the good, universally accepted teachings of mankind. Also, I'd be honored if you came by on your bike.

7 – As generations going forward, what can we do to keep the history alive?
As generations going forward, I think we can keep the history alive by setting the example.
Western is the only life, way, history, action, religion, and way that  I know. Perhaps what I am saying, is that as long as there is an America, there will always be an "American Cowboy."

8 – If you could have ridden with one legendary cowboy, who would it have been and why?
If I could have ridden with one legendary cowboy, it would have been Roy Rogers because of the way he represented heroic characteristics .I also love and admire Gene Autry, Rex Allen, Marty Robbins, and Hank Snow, as well as so many others.

I want to thank Rich for taking the time to answer my questions. To find out more about him you can visit his website - RICH PRICE

If you missed Tuesday's post where I reviewed his most recent album, step back in time and give it a listen.

Country Blessings!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


One of the coolest things about  my new job as feature writer for Saddlebag Dispatches magazine is that I find the most fabulous gems during my research.

While researching my article on Rex Allen, Jr (which you can read HERE), I was introduced to another cowboy singer, Rich Price. I've not met the man in person but already know we could talk for hours. Due to unforseen circumstances on his end, I'll be posting Out Of the Chute with him tomorrow (Wednesday).

For now, let's step inside his album.

If you are fan of all things Western, get a feeling deep inside when you hear the voice of Jim Reeves, Rex Allen, Roy Rogers then this album is for you.

One of the most enjoyable parts of a cowboy/ western song for me is the steady pace, mimicking the gait of a horse beneath you on a leisure ride. While even the old west had its dangers, life moved at a much slower pace back then. I don't know about you but there are days I really wish the world would just slow down... stopping even for a few moments for me to catch up. 

WESTERN SONGS is a 12-track collection of songs with roots deep in the trail of the cowboy way. This is the music that has stood the test of time. They tell stories... real stories of love, life and the human condition many of us miss.

Rich has amazing help on this album. The Jordanaires provide back up and the album was produced by Harold BradleyWith a team like this, the album can only be Ace-High. 

I didn't grow up in the days of the Silver Screen cowboys but I've always loved the old west... from about the second grade. As a little girl, I rode my green and white Schwinn bike with the banana seat all over town with a neighbor boy playing cowboys and Indians. In my early teens a deaf neighbor girl taught me to ride a horse. To this day I hate the thought of putting a saddle between me and the horse. Maybe there's more Native American in me than cowboy. ;-)

Albums like Western Songs by Rich Price - also known as the singing sierran - provide me with the respite from the daily rush, taking me back to the days of riding that bike or carrying me to my favorite place to be... outside, next to a campfire and the stars twinkling above. Come sit a spell and enjoy this album with me. 

You can check out the tracks by watching the video below - from Rich's YouTube Channel

The Album is also available on AMAZON      iTUNES

Come back tomorrow for my interview with Rich. In the meantime, you can follow him on his website and various social media platforms.


I'm tipping my hat...


Monday, April 24, 2017


Since things are a bit out of sorts and order this week, I thought I'd post the lead-in for the next two days. Co-hosted by Rich Price and Jennifer Herron, this is an awesome program featuring talented artists in true country and gospel music. You can look for your local channel airing Cheyenne Country by going to their WEBSITE.

Check them out and we'll see you back here tomorrow for a great Turntable Tuesday!
Country Blessings

Thursday, April 20, 2017

THE PARTY LIST - April 20 - 26

Note: Please remember to check with the venue as to whether or not there is a cover charge or ticket required for the shows you plan to attend. Also, some venues have an age restriction. I have provided links to the venues when possible, making it easy for you to check it out.
Not all events take place in Texas. With that in mind I will begin listing them not only by day but by TEXAS and ON THE ROAD. With that in mind…

Let’s Get This Party STARTED!

Thursday – 20
The Baker Family – Bluegrass Festival  - Levelland
Brennan Leigh – The Round Up – Boerne
Chuck Hawthorne – McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – Houston
            /w Libby Koch, Brant Coucher, Lainey Balagia Croucher

Friday – 21
A Thousand Horses – Emo’s – Austin
Bellamy Brothers – Sonrisas Trails – San Angelo
            Boots, Buckles & Pearls
The Baker Family – Bluegrass Festival  - Levelland
Casey Donahew Band – Fiesta Oyster Bake- San Antonio
Dave Thomas – Hard Eight BBQ – The Colony

 Saturday – 22
Aaron Tippin – 5D Steakhouse & Lounge – Yorktown
Cameran Nelson – Albert Dance Hall – Stonewall
Cody Joe Hodges – Luckenbach
Chuck Hawthorne – Teague’s Tavern – Round Top
Dave Thomas – Hard Eight BBQ – Coppell
Heath Childs – Dodie’s – Coppell
john Arthur martinez – River Road Icehouse – New Braunfels
Scott Taylor Band – TKO’s Bar & Grill - Shiner

Sunday – 23
Brennan Leigh – Luckenbach
            /w Susan Gibson,  Noel McKay

Monday – 24
Asleep at the Wheel – LJT’s Music Festival – Stephenville
Brennan Leigh – Cannon & Belle – Austin

 Tuesday – 25
Mike Blakely – Burger Burger – Fredricksburg
Cody Joe Hodges – LSA Burger – Denton
            Real Texas Radio Performance
Chuck Hawthorne – Liberty Tree Tavern – Elgin
             /w Special Guest: Charlie Roth
Dave Thomas – Hard Eight BBQ – The Colony
john Arthur martinez – Trailblazer Grille – Burnet -

Wednesday – 26
A. J. Guel – Wharton Co. Youth Fair & Rodeo – Wharton
Charlie Daniels (solo) – LifeAustin Amphitheatre -  Austin
Scott Taylor Band – Moonshine Drinkery – Victoria

Thursday – 20
Tanya Tucker – Ryman Auditorium – Nashville TN
Asleep at the Wheel – Stoughton Opera House – Stoughton WI
A Thousand Horses – The Sound Room – Ft. Smith AR
Billy Dean – Jim Stafford Theatre – Branson MO
Cody Canada & The Departed – The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson KS
Charlie Daniels Band – Count Basie Theatre – Red Bank NJ
Gene Watson – Starlight Theatre – Branson MO

Friday – 21
Vince Gill – Gillioz Theatre – Springfield MO
Tanya Tucker – Paramount Theater – Bristol TN
Ricky Skaggs – Carl’s Bluegrass & Gospel Barn – Radford VA
Alan Jackson – Mohegan Sun Arena – Wilkes Barre PA
Cody Canada & The Departed – Banjo’s – Pittsburg KS
Charlie Daniels Band – The Paramount Theatre – Rutland VT
Corey Smith – Center Stage – Rainbow City AL
Ragged Union – Durango Meltdown – Durango CO
Granger Smith – Cargo in Commrow – Reno NV
Gene Watson – Grand Ole Opry – Nashville TN
Heath Childs – Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar – Thackerville OK

Saturday – 22
Vince Gill – Old National Events Center – Evansville IN
Tanya Tucker – Country Tonight Theatre – Pigeon Forge TN
Ricky Skaggs – Paramount Bristol – Bristol TN
Asleep at the Wheel – Brown Co. Playhouse Performing Arts Center – Nashville TN
Alan Jackson – Dunkin Donuts Center – Providence RI
Bellamy Brothers – 7 Clans Paradise Casino – Red Rock OK
Bill Anderson – Grand Ole Opry – Nashville TN
Cody Canada & The Departed – Southbound Bar & Grill – Springfield MO
Charlie Daniels Band – Paramount Hudson Valley – Peeksville NY
Craig Morgan – Morgan Co. Fairgrounds – Decatur AL
Corey Smith – Coca Cola Roxy – Atlanta GA
Ragged Union – Durango Meltdown – Durango CO
Granger Smith – Red Bluff Roundup – Red Bluff CA
Gene Watson – Renfro Valley Ent. Center – Renfro Valley KY

Sunday – 23
Vince Gill – Embassy Theatre – Fort Wayne IN
Billy Dean – Jim Stafford Theater – Branson MO
Ragged Union – Durango Meltdown – Durango CO
Granger Smith – Crystal Ballroom – Portland OR

Monday – 24

Tuesday – 25
Billy Dean – Jim Stafford Theater – Branson MO
Bill Anderson – Grand Ole Opry – Nashville TN
Granger Smith – Cowboys – Colorado Springs CO

Wednesday – 26
A Thousand Horses – Florabama – Orange Beach AL
Cody Canada & the Departed – Bob Childers’ Gypsy CafĂ©- Stillwater OK
Granger Smith – The Knitting Factory – Boise ID

Monday, April 17, 2017


Happy Monday, Everyone!

I know this normally a day I'd do an Out of the Chute but as you can see, things have gotten a little wonky since the beginning of the year. However, I think I'm finding a groove. Hubby has his thing and I have mine.  We are getting our granddaughters in June for about 6 weeks - 6 weeks I will NOT be working. Sorry, we've not seen the girls in almost 4 year and they're still little enough (5 and 9) to enjoy doing stuff with the old folks ;-)

But I have set up several blog posts and will continue to do so every day until June 5th. Hopefully, things will run as scheduled (I'll do my part, the rest will be up to blogger) I will check in to see everything is going smoothly.

Party list WILL run this week.
Coming up next week, Out of the Chute and Turntable Tuesday will return. I have the great new CD from Nu-Blu as well as Jimmy Fortune's latest and greatest so you'll want to come back for that.

Oh, and a sneak peak at my profile piece of Rex Allen, Jr before the magazine hits the stands. I'm really proud to have had the opportunity to connect with Rex Allen, Jr again after almost 25 years. Seems to be a magic in that number for me. I also plan to catch up with Rex on tour this year - his Sunrise to Sunset tour as he closes the touring chapter of his life.

So stay tuned. Great things are comin!
Country Blessings

Thursday, April 13, 2017

THE PARTY LIST - April 13 - 19

I apologize for no Party List this week.

While on a research trip to OK last weekend I left the power chord to my laptop at my sister-in-law's. She graciously popped the chord in the mail but I didn't have it until last night.

Party List will be up and running next week.

In the mean time, check the websites of your favorite artists to find where they'll be performing this week.

Country Blessings!