Monday, June 5, 2017


There's that moment when you are not sure you want to listen, but something compels you to do so anyway. Whether it be a small but firm voice telling you "it's time" or "listen to me", you can't turn away.

And so it was when Adam Dawson of Broken Jukebox Media pointed me in the direction of Lazarus Nichols. At first glance of the CD, I thought wires might have crossed somewhere. I don't review rock n roll. But I have to tell you, there is something a lot deeper to Lazarus Nichols. And I'm glad I took the time to listen to the voice.

Laz is one cool cat. Listening to his music you get a real sense of the pace at which he moves, his thoughtful process towards everything you approaches and the deeply spiritual soul buried within. The fact that the Austin music scene has embraced him like a long lost brother is no surprise.

A transplant from Ohio, Lazarus Nichols now calls Austin home, along with his wife, two kids, three dogs and two cats. I first heard his name when I reviewed Libby Koch's CD - Just Move On. Libby Koch knows talent when she hears it and only works with the best people on her projects. Lazarus Nichols fits the profile to a T.  

With that behind him, Lazarus set out to put his virgin album together. With a stack of his own songs and determination, he teamed up with singer, songwriter and producer, Kris Brown for Rock n Roll Heart. An eclectic cd I'll be reviewing tomorrow on Turntable Tuesday.

Until then, kick dim the lights, kick back in your favorite chair and mellow out to this tune:

Catch you tomorrow for Turntable Tuesday when I review Rock n Roll Heart

Country Blessings!

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