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This blog is called KellysCountry for a reason. I listen to, promote and review classic country, bluegrass, Americana, Folk and fridges of any of those compilations. I do not review rock.... not even country rock/ country pop or whatever they're calling music on the radio these days.

So when I received this CD in the mail, the cover through me. Adam Dawson at Broken Jukebox  knows my preferences so I had to scratch my head when he sent this CD my Lazarus Nichols to me.  But I'm if nothing else, a good sport. If Adam thought this was in my wheelhouse, I'd give it a listen.

Rock N Roll Heart is the epitome of  "don't judge a book by it's cover" or in this case, a CD.

I've long been a fan of Neil Young and my mind went to my younger days of sitting in a dark corner of a room while my first husband and his buddies toked and listened to The Band and Neil Young. The lyrics were profound while the music wrapped you in a mellow cocoon.

Gonna Be Okay opens the cd with a jazzy horn fitting of any New Orleans bar crawl. I'd love to see him play this on NCIS-New Orleans. I think Laz and Scott Bakula would get along just fine.
Things slow down a bit, but the beat is still prevalent in Small Axe. 
The traditional finger-pick style on Come Again In Glory draws you on a journey traveled with the ever-faithful spirit.
Loathsome Shadow bears down hard on the raw Americana sound with the guitar licks and that Neil Young grit to his voice.
A take on Murphy's Law, Shit and Shame hearkens to real, everyday life when you just want to smack something.
Diggin A Hole is a story Lazarus seems to pull from deep inside, almost painfully, to tell the tale and showcases an almost primitive connection to his rock and roll influences.
Makin Good Time is a toe-tapper that seems to tell the untold story of the hard road knocks of an artist.
Rise is probably the most prophetic of all the songs on this CD... the call Lazarus heard to seriously begin his musical journey that carried him from Ohio to Texas. Personally, I'm glad he listened... and I think you will to.

I'm posting the title cut below for you to draw your own conclusions about this new 'old soul' taking Austin by storm.

I'm tipping my hat:


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