Tuesday, June 13, 2017


There are times when as a reviewer I have to trust the promoters I network with to send me music in my wheelhouse. And, like last week, I get a CD that makes me question only to be reminded not to judge a CD by its cover or artist. This is one of those surprise albums I love to have come across my desk.

When you hear Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons  you might picture anything but country. But they are not a hard rock or punk rock group . There is an undercurrent of those sounds in their music because, like a lot of artists, they have elements from all styles of music in their history. A bit of  mandolin bluegrass mixes with a punch of drums, guitar licks that accentuate every word and a pinch of that sound from other genres that make an amazing pot of something you can't get enough of.  DO IT is that album.  Jamie sums everything up nicely. "It's always fun when we hear that we were not what someone expected. We love to take our listeners through a musical journey and we play music that we love."

The 'hmm' factor still swirled through my brain as I read their bio. ... this Jam Band influenced group feels the lyric, "and a band of demons joined in, and it sounded something like this," sums up their style perfectly. The description of the lyrics as well as the band name are a nod to a Charlie Daniels tune, 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia' . With those words in mind, I popped the CD into the laptop and hit play. From the first note of Back in My Arms to the visuals in Postcard From the Road, I fell in love with this group.

Jamie Talbert co-wrote seven of the tracks. Back In My Arms, All I Know, Sun In My Skies, and Wildfire were written with the help of fellow band members Todd Conger and Tyler Henderson as well as Cody Oxley. Renowned Texas songwriter, Mike Ethan Messick lent his talent with Jamie on Him and My Baby as well as Whiskey Drinkin' (Stormy Cooper also helped on this tune and the album was recorded at his studio in Houston). Alex Weeden, guitarist for Miranda Lambert, teamed with Jamie for Tired of the Rings. Other contributors to this CD were Jordan Powell (Postcard From the Road) and Waylon Strain (Keep That Girl Away From Me)  Each of these songwriters brought their own bit background, enriching each note.

As I listened to DO IT, I could almost feel a blue current running along the floor beneath my feet. While I've not seen them in person, other reviewers speak highly of how fun their shows are. Every track calls you to the dance floor. So roll back the rug, toss down a bit of sawdust and have a blast. I promise, you won't leave the floor until the last note has faded.

I'm tipping my hat ....

The album releases June 16th. I'll post the social media links below and the album should be up for purchase then on the following locations:

Here is the video for Wildfire:

You will find the guys on various social media sites:

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