Saturday, June 3, 2017

SUPER SATURDAY! - PFI - Father's Day

Sorry I dropped the ball on these posts. In case you don't read my other blogs, you are unaware that Bob got off the boat and was home for 49 days. Not a lot got done except spending time with him. He is my universe when he is home. Then I work like a mad woman when he goes back out.

So here we go!

PFI Western Wear and Boot Daddy have some incredible deals just in time for some pre-Father's Day shopping. These landed in my email this week:

BootDaddy T-Shirts

$10 Boot Daddy T-Shirt
when you spend $50!

Dad can always use new boots! What better place to shop than 

Mens BootDaddy Boots

Twister Poly Rope Straw Hat

Twister Straw Hats as low as $49!

20% Off Tack

Don't miss the IRON KID Challenge!

Cinch Iron Kids

Contact PFI for details

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