Friday, September 11, 2020


 Happy Friday, everyone!

While I don't have an event to share this week, I did want to come in and give you the new potential line-up and what you can expect for next week.

Let's start with next week:

Monday - no interviews scheduled but stay tuned for future weeks

Tuesday - I'll be walking you through the new album by Whisperin' Bill Anderson. I've come to know Bill over the years through multiple interviews. We had a good visit two years ago at Meramec Theater's in Steelville MO.  Bill has a new album out. I got behind on this one due to throwing my back out of wack for several weeks but I have to get this one on the Turntable. You're going to love it!

Wednesday - I'll be bringing you something from Adam Dawson's crew over at Broken Jukebox Media. I can't find the pretty purple envelope that came in just before company arrived but I'm pretty sure everything is sitting in my email. 

Thursday - Throwback Thursday we'll be checking out a classic tune. I do have pictures from several years back but will probably be first of the year before I get them all dug out of storage, scanned and uploaded to share.

Friday - For now, Friday Funnie's will be showcased. I'll be sharing some of my favorite comedic country artists over the years through YouTube videos. 

That's the line-up for next week and pretty much the weekly schedule for now.

I do have Christmas CDs hangin' out waiting their turn. They've been out a couple of years but maybe you haven't heard them. We'll see.  If you're an artist reading this and have a Christmas album to share, please contact me through Twitter or Instagram under KellysCountry or leave your information below in the comments!

Here's this week's Friday Funny!

Until next week -

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