Thursday, September 17, 2020


Yesterday's post had to run today as I had to get confirmation on the release date. Throwback Thursday will be here next week!

The latest from D. L. Marble dropped yesterday - September 16th.  While, his music has a harder edge for me personally, there was a lot to like about this album overall.

Produced by  Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, ONE LINE AT A TIME features 10 tracks of well-written stories. They are lyrics written from experience. Through the tunes I get a feeling 'what you see is what you get' with D.L.

With the first chords of Same Damn Thing, I heard a familiar sound... influence of Steve Earle. D. L.'s tunes have that same edginess that is Americana with a rocker undercurrent, like an animal begging to be let free.

One Line At A Time gives us a unique view of life on the road. Only a master songwriter like D. L. could bring so many connotations to 'one line' into one cohesive piece.

For all of us who've still had questions after losing someone, California Memory  is that tune you want to play over and over as you search for answers.

D. L. doesn't leave us melancholy for long as he jumps into the harder track of Better Than Me. The tune carries a 60s psychedelic rock that draws you in, whether it's your style or not. 

Overall, D.L has crafted a perfect blend of styles to form the perfect 'house party' album. Pour yourself a tumbler of your favorite (skip the branch), sit back and let him take you on a  journey, that while you may have taken before, you'll see with new eyes. 

I'm tipping my hat:


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