Monday, January 6, 2014

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Casey Hubble

Casey Hubble is one of those artists that come at you as a complete surprise. I’m not really sure what type of sound I expected from Casey, but I can tell you I was unprepared for the ragged-velvet tone pouring out of my truck speakers. A term you will hear often when someone is describing Casey Hubble – Old Soul. The term fits him like a favorite denim jacket.

Casey says he strives to ‘write songs that feel real with a groove that is understandable'. In my opinion, Casey is a time-walker. When listening to his music, I feel as if he has walked through generations, collecting bits and pieces of life; bringing them to the here – the now – for us to experience everything he saw on his journey. His lyrics carry a depth that pulls you in.

Casey carefully selected the people he wanted to help showcase his vision, beginning with his younger brother, Joey. Equally blessed, Joey is multi-talented – playing bass, harmonica, cajun, foot-snare, tambourine, and sings. As lead guitarist, Daniel David brings years of expertise to the group. Jimmy Milner is the newest addition to the party as drummer. This immeasurable amount of genius and aptitude comes together to form Casey Hubble & Lost Trains.

Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing Casey’s newest album – Ramblin’ Annie’s Devious Soapbox.  So come on back!

Country Blessings!

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