Monday, January 13, 2014

OUT OF THE CHUTE - The Country Angel

James & Michael Younger
My introduction to Texas music in the 1980's
I do not spend a lot of time on Facebook. It is a time-suck I do not have time for. I mean really, how many of us ask for 'more time' in our day? I know I do. So unless it pertains to work, I don't go there until my work is through. I primarily use two accounts on FB - music and author. I do have a creative one but have not been there in a long time. I hope to connect with other artists more there this year.

So I was surprised to sign into my music account last week and have a PM from Casey Hubble. After having showcased him last week, Casey wanted to know a little about me. As I read his questions, I realized you guys know NOTHING about me other than I love a variety of country music styles. Casey kindly granted permission for me to use his interview on the blog. So here you go!

So Kelly, you were so kind to write about me; let's flip this around for a second.  How exactly did you get into writing about TX music?
I was introduced to Texas music through W.C. Jameson and Mike Blakely. At the time, they were both board members for a multi-genre writers organization - Ozark Creative Writers. They are both amazing authors as well as talented singers/ songwriters/ musicians. There is always some form of entertainment following our Friday night meal. I fell in love with their Americana music. 

Although I didn't realize it at the time, I had been in love with the Texas music for most of my life by listening to the greats growing up such as the late Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Michael Martin Murphey.. to name a few.

 How did you come across these great artists?
When Mike and Thomas Michael Riley released their album 'Live From Luckenbach' in 2010, My Texas Music offered it as a download. Because of a glitch in the ordering, I got to know Jinelle Boyd of the My Texas Music. The amazing artists she and her husband, Lucky work with on a daily basis astounded me and I set out to get to know the variety of Texas music.

Through the TMT, I found out about the Texas Music Awards and decided to start blogging about the award nominees and the blog just expanded from there.

Before Mom time, back in the 80s, I wanted to be a music journalist. I got to interview amazing talents such as Willie Nelson, Faron Young ( he gave me my nickname), James & Michael Younger (Texas boys!), The Bellamy Brothers (multiple times), Holly Dunn and so many more. But at the time I didn't know what to do with the interviews. As I was gaining footing, we adopted a little girl and put my career aside to be a full-time Mom and Girl Scout leader.

Who are your favorites?
Now I KNOW you did not just ask me a trick question, Casey. LOL I will always love the music of W.C. and Mike. They are the ones who led me to other favorites like you, Thomas Michael Riley, Kenny Harrell (he has a classic voice), Pauline Reese, John Arthur Martinez and Eli Young Band. Believe it or not, I am also a big fan of Dimitri's Rail. I am NOT a rocker by any means but their music is just cool! I also like Red Dirt  such as  Redneck Brown & the Freshwater Donkeys.

See, here's the thing. Texas is a melting pot of GREAT music... all sub-genres of it's roots. Unlike another state, Texas doesn't sell me COUNTRY music. They sell me MUSIC and let me decide. Since I like all types of music based on the songwriting, the composition, the lyrics, the notes I don't care what it's called. I just want to ENJOY.. and Texas music let's me do that on my terms.

My passion is grass roots and classic country. I fell in love with the steel guitar at the age of  6 or 7. Such an incredible sound. I wish more artists used the steel in their tracks today. To gain interviews of some of those 'classic' artists such as Bill Anderson, (see my interview HERE) I've had to spread my wings back into Nashville. A step I was not wanting to take. But my heart will always be Texas.

I get to make my first trip to Texas in March when I attend the Texas Music Awards as a journalist and fan. I can't wait to meet in person so many of the people I've met on-line. 

Country Blessings


  1. Great piece! Keep scouting for good stuff and writing when you believe 'em! :)

    1. Thanks, Casey! And thank you for the nudge ;-)