Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Ramblin' Annie's Devious Soapbox

I’ve listened to ‘country’ music for as long as I can remember. And I grew up thinking there were set categories of music. Eeverything with a guitar, a steel, a fiddle, etc  under the ‘country’ roof. Since getting into Texas music, I’ve learned a lot. Not just about Texas music, but music in general. And I’ve discovered that like Romance has many sub-genre’s, the same is true of music. One such sub-genre I am becoming more and more passionate about is Americana. And when I hear CD’s like Ramblin’ Annie’s Devious Soapbox, I am reminded why this grass-roots style music is so important to our culture.

Don’t judge this CD by the cover. ‘Devious’ is an apt description of the difference between what you see and what you hear. When I first saw the cover I thought, ‘how can I objectively review this?’ (Which, by the way, is an often-asked question of reviewers for any type of media) But not one to judge a book (or in this case a CD) by it’s cover, I popped the CD in the player as my husband and I rolled down the highway. Wow!

Casey Hubble and his guests bring you ten solid tracks (and Vesper Toll – a hidden 11th track). From the first strains of Ramblin’ Girl to the final strains of Gospel Songs (live recording), Casey takes you on a journey of love, love lost and all the emotions experienced in between. His ragged –edged velvet tone evokes emotion for the people and places he sings about.

Like any artist worth his salt, Casey doesn’t make this journey alone. He’s chosen some of the best voices to accompany him on this CD. Tessy Lou Williams lends her beautiful voice to many of the tracks and takes the lead on Silver City. Jake Martin and W.C. Jameson bring their rich tones, sharing lead vocals with Casey on Night Train Rolling By, which was written by the legendary Walt Wilkins, John Greenberg, Mike Horn and Bill Small You can hear a couple of the tracks such as Silver City and Cheap Guitars HERE.

Whether you like a kickin’ tune like Cheap Guitars or something with a bit more heart like Diesel, Wind and Soul there is something on this album for everyone. So kick back, put your feet up and pull the brim down low. Let Casey Hubble carry you away on his newest journey – Ramblin’ Annie’s Devious Soapbox.

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  1. Many thanks to the ever-so-talented crafter of kind words, Kelly Henkins.

    1. Thanks, Casey, for the opportunity. Spread the word, please :-)