Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Photo Credit: David Bernz

The above picture is one of my favorites. The photographer (and producer of two of Pete Seeger's albums), David Bernz captured the essence of who I believe to be Pete Seeger. A simple man and his banjo on a journey. Over the course of his travels, Pete Seeger blessed a lot of people with his words, wisdom, support and music. Sadly, his journey has come to an end. According to reports, his grandson says the legendary folk singer slipped silently away in his sleep Monday night after a six- day stay in New York's Presbyterian Hospital. He is gone but his legacy lives.

When I think of Pete Seeger, I am reminded of a time when music and protests went hand in hand, a time when the songs were of PEACE... not hate or killing. The music and the protests stood for something great. Mr. Seeger was a 'cheerful warrior', an activist who showed support through his music. He played on 'mostly small' college campuses across the country sharing his message with the help of his faithful companion - the banjo. He wrote and sang the 'music of the people', expressing the passion of his peers through a one of the most difficult and life-altering times in our history.

Following the war, he founded Sing Out! magazine. A publication still in print today, as well as a resource center for folk music and the artists who keep the genre alive.

Lyrics vibrated with depth and meaning in songs like 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone' and 'If I Had A Hammer', songs he co-wrote. Pete Seeger at 89 . The album was nominated for a Grammy in the Folk Music category that year. He released his final album in 2011 'Tomorrow's Children' with Appleseed Records.

People in general (not just artists) like Pete Seeger do not pass our way very often. Although I never met the man, I am proud to say I grew up with his music and am slowly finding my way back to the passion we shared... Love. Truth. Compassion. Peace.

Travel on, Pete Seeger and Safe Journey

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