Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Words & Music by Byrd and Street

WORDS AND MUSIC is the newest CD by Byrd & Street. As I listened to the various tracks, I heard echoes of past artists. Gems of the industry such as Peter Paul and Mary  who I believe paved the way for future Americana artists such as Byrd & Street to follow. In fact, the Peter Paul and Mary classic, Puff the Magic Dragon came to mind as I listened to The Kid in Me.

I’m Gonna Swim Out to My Ship sets the toe-tapping tone of this CD while showcasing the true voice we’ve come to love from Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd and carries through other tracks such as I Need A Small Town. Listening to The Kid in Me makes a frown impossible. I giggle every time I hear this happy tune.

Reminiscence  of life come through in tunes like Family Matters and Faith, Family and Friends as well as Old Out of Tune Guitar. The harmonies on Higher Ground are exceptional and bring this CD to a spiritual level. A Rocking Chair and a Memory is a haunting tone bringing to mind the stories often locked away inside the silent voice of our elderly.

Other tracks such as You Have Been My Friend and When I Hear Her Sing and carry a more personal note with Tommy’s heartfelt words and Kathy’s crystal harmonies. Together Again is a step back in time and adds a uniqueness to the CD. Kathy’s voice combined with the piano bridge let us enjoy the simplicity of their music.

Overall, this dynamic duo has given us another great collection of tunes they can be proud of.
You can order your copy at My Texas Music.


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