Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Musicians are a breed all their own, in my opinion. They can either compliment an vocalist’s style or throw them off balance. When you can find that perfect combination, the result is pure heaven. These five nominees know how to support their artist (or group) while still showcasing their own talent.

Brad Hobson (lead guitar and vocals) of The Bigsbys brings a blues/ indie-rock style to the group

Mark LaFon for his guitar performances on Small Town Outlaw by Robby White & The Tejas Gringos.

Charles Peters for his guitar performances on Open Your Eyes with Mike Amabile.

Tubie Pushee for his performances on When The Rubber Meets The Road with his band, The Touchtones.

Jack Saunders for his musical performances on Keith Rea’s album North Bound Train.

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