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OUT OF THE CHUTE- Juanita Rose

I am a staunch supporter of Traditional Country music. I grew up on tunes that told stories of something other than partying and acting stupid (though I guess cheating songs could fall into the latter category)

So when I came across this lovely and talented lady, I knew I wanted to know more about her - and to share her with you. Today, we are talking with Juanita Rose.

A bit about Juanita Rose:
Juanita’s Bio

Juanita Rose’s music has taken her from a small rural farming community near Kinston, North Carolina to the Grand Ole’ Opry stage as well as on international tours throughout Canada.

She has lived a musical life most performers can only dream of. As a young teenager she was discovered by the legendary Hank Snow and personally invited to star as his opening act for the Country Hall of Famer’s stage show.

Juanita has also appeared in radio and tv commercials throughout the Midwest.

1 – You have quite an interesting background in country music. Did you have a down time between then and now? And what have you been doing in between? 
Yes I did Kelly...In the down time, I was a radio personality for The State Senate, the state of Tn....

2 – What would you say is the most important thing you learned in those early days and is that associated with anyone in particular?
Well one of the most important things I learned early on, is how important your fans are, and how to relate to them, also how to work with band members...I was fortunate enough to be the opening act with Grand Ole Opry Legend Hank Snow. for several years...He taught me a lot about the business...

3 – Your heart appears to be solid in traditional country music. I appreciate you are recording YOUR music. What attracts you to this genre?
Yes Kelly, my heart is in Traditional Country Music...I was raised on this kind of music and what attracted me was...It is a kind of music that people can relate to of things that might have happened in their lives or in the lives of others...Could be lost love affairs, heartaches, happy times,etc, all of the things that I am not hearing in todays music that they call country...

4 – You have a classic voice, unique in today’s music trends. Do you think we’ll see a return to real country music that you and I grew up with? And what do you think we need to do to get there?
Thank you Kelly, I certainly hope we see a real return of the kind of music we grew up with...People tell me all the time how mush they miss the good country music that we use to share....But I think we just have to all join together that love Traditional Country Music and push radio stations to play this kind of music, that so many people are wanting to hear...No one person can do it alone...We must keep pushing...I know I will..

5 – How did you come to work with James Williams?
Kelly, I can't begin to say enough nice things about James Williams...I was looking for someone to promote my latest single release, and a friend of mine in the business suggested James...He is a great promoter and is wonderful to work with...

6 – Your new album, The Rose, is a beautiful collection. And I see you co-wrote one of the tunes. Do you enjoy writing? And is there a process you follow when writing?
Thank you, I did co-write one of the songs and I do enjoy writing when I can find the time...No, there is no process for me, only feelings...

7 -  What’s next for Juanita Rose?
Continue to record good Traditional Country Songs and do some touring

8 – Anything I’ve not covered you would like your fans to know?
I would like to say a special thanks to all my fans who have been so wonderful to me over the years and I will continue to record the kind of music you have asked for...Lets keep Traditional Country Music Alive...

You can find out more about Juanita Rose on her:

Come back tomorrow when I review her album - The Rose

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