Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Pearly Gates Saloon

PEARLY GATES SALOON delivers twelve heartfelt tunes about life in general.
Don’t let the cover or title mislead you. This is not a cowboy church album. Whether you’re a dog lover, have seen a deer party in progress (slightly embellished true story!) or have lost someone close to you, there is something on this album for everyone. Basically, if you have lived through anything, this album is a walk down memory lane.

As a consummate songwriter and artist, Woody Eastman delivers each track with the quiet ease he embodies. With the help of other Texas greats such as Mike Blakely (and his talented wife, Annie Blakely), Larry Nye (recorded at his La-Z-L Studio), john Arthur martinez (on drums? Seriously cool!), Kurt Baumer on fiddle (wonder if he used his fluorescent one) and Larry Boyd (just to name a few), each track is Americana at it’s best.

The only thing better than owning this album is to hear Woody perform them live. And if you’re in the West Texas area, the possibilities for those occasions are plentiful.



You can purchase your copy of PEARLY GATES SALOON

Woody Eastman.com

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