Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Here in the Garden

HERE IN THE GARDEN By Richard Dobson is a perfect example of why I love Texas. 
From the first strains of the title track til the last note of Gone to Texas, Richard weaves a comforting web of pure tones that only add to the stories he has to tell. Whether they be about lovers (The Moon is for Lovers), annoying birds (Black Crow) or shopping for suspenders ( Tractor Supply), each tune draws you in.  One to Run the River With is reminiscent of a Mike Blakely song I love. Again… a story told from a different perspective but the core is still the same… trust and friendship – knowing who you can count on. 

Marketing is a big part of how well an album does. I’ve seen everything over the years. Everything except liner notes about the song. The inside cover of this tri-fold package tells you a quick sentence blurb about what was going through Richard’s mind when he wrote each song. I love this concept not because he explains the song but because even if I’d not met Richard in person, talked with him, this little extra something gave me an insight to the man behind the music. 

This CD is long on talent from a man who lives life… soaking up every step he takes. And we are blessed he shares the journey with the rest of us. 

I give this CD 

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