Monday, August 18, 2014

OUT OF THE CHUTE - A Country Angel Update

After an upset a couple of weeks ago on twitter, I've found myself avoiding doing promotion other than The Party List. I don't like making mistakes... especially if I'm not positive the mistake was mine to begin with. Unfortunately, I was unable to check to see if I was in fact the one at fault. I can put the disclaimer on The Party List that all gigs listed are subject to change. I can not do that on Twitter. Not within my 140 character limit, at least.

So after some soul searching, I've determined I can not control whether or not tour dates are correct when I load them into HootSuite by the time they get to you. I can only go by what I know AT THE TIME I load them... which could be as much as two weeks in advance.

So while I will continue to promote some folks that I work more closely with, I will no longer be tweeting the general populace of entertainers I have on The Party List.


They are a CLIENT

While making my rounds in Texas some comments made to me got my brain whirling. On one hand, I do a lot of the 'street teaming' to keep my name out there so artists know who I am and that I am someone they can trust to get the facts right (unless something changes mid-stream - which I have no control over).

On the other hand, why am I doing publicist work for free? Hmmm

So, if all goes well, I will have my own publicity company up and running after the first of the year. I still have packages of service and price points to work out but the business will fall under Kelly's Country - right here on this blog so watch for an icon and press releaseses in early 2015.

I had planned for this fall but the unexpected release of Somewhere Down the Line put some of the music work on the back burner for the time being.

I will only be working with a maximum of five clients to begin with. I feel that is enough while still trying to keep my foot in the fast-launching publishing world of fiction. I'm already working on a trilogy sent in 1884 West Texas. Does that surprise you?

Tomorrow.. I reintroduce you to the guys of LONESTAR then on Wednesday, I review their album. Some please come back.
Country Blessings!

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